Sunday, December 31, 2006

The New Year is almost here!

Well, before I get to this question, I wanted to let you know that I'm not posting as much due to being up here in Lake Tahoe, CA. I'm trying to finish up the year with a little relaxation and fun up here at the cabin. I hope you all have a great New Year... Be safe!

Also, if you weren't aware, Thundercat - AKA Joseph Matthews, has just given me an honorable mention in the "pickup artist" of the year awards. Cool, no?

And don't forget that I'll be on Frank Talks this week. I'm sending out the details in a newsletter, and you'll get to hear it if you use this link:


Sorry for sending in this "semi-spam", but I am writing to ask for your opinion about the recent James Bond Film.

You said in Supreme Self Confidence, "I think the ultimate example of a self-confident man is James Bond...there isn't a movie in that series that doesn't demonstrate how a man with impeccable self-confidence would act"

But if you've seen the casino film, you can see the new Bond turned beta. He crashes his car, got cheated by a woman, and make stupid mistakes. He is no longer an Alpha.

I am a James Bond fan and I agree with you that he is a role model for every man who wants to get laid... until this film.

What's going on? Is the female-dominating market starting to produce wussy heros that women find "cute"? Quote you again in the Dating Black Book, "If you've seen any of the old movies (Pre-1965), you'll notice how differently men are portrayed there." I have the feeling that we men are losing role models, both on the screen and in the real world. Why is the whole world feminized? Where are the all the alpha men?

Really hope to hear your opinion on this. Sorry if you have talked about it, I subscribe only very recently.


I must disagree. I still stand by my original observation that James Bond is still the prodigal Alpha Man.

Even the new one.

Even MORE so the new one.


Yes, he does make a few classical blunders in the latest movie, but what you have to remember is that this is a RETRO James Bond - how he is fresh out and licensed to kill.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead for those of you who haven't seen the movie.)

How many guys would have the stones to walk away from a hot woman who's ready to sleep with you just to satisfy his job requirements?

Most guys don't have that kind of abundance mentality. They'd risk their 'double-o' just to get some.

(There's a good lesson there. If you can walk away from an easy lay, you've got the right attitude.)

Yes, he does do the "tell her all about his feelings..." thing. Big whoop. He learns from his mistakes.

Did you hear what Vesper says to him when he's in the hospital? Something to the effect of "Your little finger is more of a man than anyone I've ever been with."

And he just looks at her with that steely gaze.

And as far as the woman that cheats on him - she didn't actually cheat on him. She actually fell for him. That's why she left her phone there for him to find. (They mention this in the movie.)

Yes, you're right. We are losing a lot of our Alpha Role Models.

One of the women I brought up here to our cabin in Lake Tahoe classified me as a "testosterone" man. I considered that a compliment. There are so many wussy boys out there that someone like me (and you guys) are a breath of fresh air to women everywhere.

Yes, I think the market is being manipulated by pandering to false image of what "manhood" is.

But I'm not here to whine or complain. I'm here to build better Alpha Men.

Do you want to be the kind of man a woman wants?

Get the Secrets of the Alpha Man....

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