Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting into a relationship with a woman...

Hey Carlos,

I'm encountering a little problem that isn't very complicated, and neither serious, but it is blocking me from entering the relationship zone.

You see,I have no problem at all attracting women and keeping them interested; neither do I have a problem meeting women and such. But after this attraction has been built, and her interest has been taken to a higher level, I get completely stuck as to how am I to start a relationship.

In my side of the world, the East, where things are still somewhat conservative, how do I get a girl to be my girlfriend?

I don't want to take a rose and ask her to be my girl, no matter what her attraction level for me is. I think she would then get the upper hand from me and things would go nowhere, just as they were before I took the alpha path.

What do you think I should do?

Things are a tad different in this part of the world, and even though I agree that the attraction process is same everywhere, this transition process, from attraction to relationship, is a bit different here.

What is your take on this? What would you do to start a relationship with such girls?

I tried to let the attraction process go on, and get intimate with the girl, but it just doesn't seem to happen. I'm in a fix.

What do you recommend?

I think you're attributing too much to the difference in cultures. You're not on Planet Altair IV in the Omega quadrant, after all. You're still on Planet Earth with the human race.

In the human race, we have women. And these women want relationships - when they're with a man they don't want to lose.

Read that last line again!

So the key to your strategy, if you want to start a relationship, is to first of all, continue to be an Alpha Man. That never changes. If you wuss out, you're flushed.

Next - you should see her a couple times a week, while still being the Alpha.

You see, the hidden secret behind starting up her relationship engine is simply to increase the FREQUENCY of your meetings. The more you see her, the more she'll slip into relationship mode.

The mistake I think that's being made is that you assume you have to actively change gears to get into relationship mode.


If a woman is attracted to you, her feelings are still crystallizing for you. The transition will occur naturally if you let it.

So don't try to directly manipulate the nature of the relationship. Just let it happen.

No, you don't have to bring her flowers. Although, it couldn't hurt to bring her an OCCASIONAL gift of some kind. Just as long as your actions say, "I'm doing this because I WANT to, not because I have to," you'll be fine.

As long as you keep being the MAN in the relationship and not let her lead you, everything should be great.

But also recognize that until she asks you about the nature of your relationship or tells you her feelings for you, you have nothing to say about the rest of your life or how you feel for her. She doesn't know if you're seeing other women, or what is going on. You are fun and exciting when you're with her, and practically a ghost when you're not around her.

Let her experience the full effect of the "dance" of attraction that I map out for you in the Secrets of the Alpha Man program.

That, my friend, is how you go into the relationship zone...

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