Thursday, December 28, 2006

Let's talk with Mario the Pimp...

Hey C,
I got a question and/or problem. Yes believe it or not, Mario the Alpha Pimp still has problems from time to time. Yes I'm a ladies man, and get called shady cause I'm a lot of ladies seriously...

There is a warm contact. My friend from work and his girlfriend's friend Katie. We met at his house when he had us over for a house party. Nice. Was teasing his gf, and her friend the whole time, calling her a lightweight for bringing light beer. The 2nd time I ignored her and played games with my friends, even after in the kitchen she tried to strike up a conversation by asking if the food was good. I was short with her, but then at friends admonition went out and talked to her a little bit. We exchanged words on Myspace, and I was even invited to a party, but had to work.

But recently I decided I just had to take action. I'd been out of the game for a while due to not being emotionally available because of some issues at the time. And because I'd put on some weight and figured I want to get in shape first. So it was starting out bumpy as it always does when you haven't practiced your game in a while actually IN the field. For me it was congruence as follows:

She works at a supermarket near where I work, where I have the option of stopping by if I decide that I would like to shop on the way home. I stop there and notice she worked there. (Which I didn't know). I sent her a myspace message asking if she worked there, and she said yes and that I "should have stopped by and said hi." So the next week I stopped by, and we chatted. I bought some things.

And then I said, "It's been good talking to you, but I've got to get going..." and I turned from her and she said bye, but then I turned back and said, "You know we should get together sometime and do something." She agreed so I handed her my cellphone. But one big problem: MY HAND WAS SHAKING. Damn that sucked dude, and it ain't the first time it has happened. So she gave me the number, to her HOME, but here are the problems:

PROBLEM #1: MY HAND WAS SHAKING!! Ok what is this all about? My nervousness? I know I violated the R in R.E.A.L. How can I relax enough to do that without shaking. I've not yet conquered a club sober. I aspire to. Any ideas to help with this? It is also a problem she OBSERVED this.......

PROBLEM #2: When I told my friend that I had her number when he was joking telling me that he told her this weekend that I had a wet dream about her (that bastard), but claims he is just kidding. Dunno. It was because I told my friend I did have one of her, but he is distorting it. But he is saying he is keeping it a secret. That's not the problem. The problem is I heard from him that Katie told his girlfriend that I was NERVOUS when I met her.

Is this time to throw the towel in and move on to the next woman? I kind of did like her, but will go NEXT if it is time. Do I think it is? Not necessarily which leads me to one more question....

Since we've met like 3 times if you count the mini-visit at work....would I be still shooting for the same coffee meeting, or maybe to the first "date?" Is this the day I have to kiss her, presuming the nervousness thing hasn't all ready blown me out of the water. Thanks C for not being fake and keeping it R.E.A.L.


First off, I want to point out something for all the readers:

put your game on "hold." For any reason!

It's tempting to go and give yourself an "out." An OUT is a reason to not do something that you make up - or even seems completely justified - when it's really just a COP OUT. Underneath the clever rationalization, it's just a fear that's getting in our way. The usual fears of being rejected or not living up to some pre-conceived image of ourselves.

Your game is ALWAYS on. When you allow yourself to have a switch, you'll never get the consistency and identity you need for doing approaches and talking to women.

There is NO SUCH THING as an Alpha Man on "hold."

Which is WHY your hands were shaking, Mario! Yes, you were nervous, but you were only nervous because you had been out of the game for a while.

Next time, just say, "Oh, damn, I've been drinking WAY too much caffeine."

Remember, NOTHING is a problem unless you MAKE IT A PROBLEM.


Nervousness isn't a problem if you ACT ANYWAY. Women will cut you some slack if you're nervous just because it's flattering. It's when you act nervous and do nothing that they look at you as truly pitiful.

Your other problem is your friend. You see, he senses your insecurity and is playing it off you. He's obviously picking up on your vibe of insecurity and using it on you.

Keep your mouth sealed about this girl around him. He's acting like a punk and trying to mess up your game so that you don't succeed or do better than him. (Guys can be really petty.) The more you engage him on this level is the more that you buy into his reality.

As for your question about what to do next with her, don't worry about the WHAT. Just get her out with you and having fun. Go out for drinks. Go out to a bowling alley. Just don't sit here in indecision and inaction while you figure it out. Call her up and tell her you're both going out on Saturday. Ba-da-boom.

Now for you guys that are looking to improve your game and learn the right Alpha Mindset, you should know that there is a path for you to follow. You don't have to go it alone, or wing it.

The reason most people never move more than a few miles of where they were born is FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

If you doubt the power of my programs, listen to what this student has to say:

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"Carlos is a master at combining the right amount of humor to keep you laughing, info to let you know what's up, and wisdom to make you ponder. Say bye to "loser boy" and start living up to your potential as an Alpha.

"Thanks Carlos!"

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