Sunday, December 24, 2006

Forgetting about her...

How about you tell me how to forget about my ex wife???

I've read your books and they're incredible, but what can you tell me getting over her?? it's been 8 months and it haunts me.

First of all, it haunts you because you're still focused on her. You probably think about her a lot, and you dwell on "what was."

This is the first hurdle to overcome. You must shift your focus from the past to the

Do you have a compelling future?

Do you have a
REASON to get over her?

I don't think you have a strong enough
PURPOSE in life, one that will eclipse your need for another person.

To find that purpose, you need a

You see most guys go through life without a real direction that
PULLS them forward. Instead, they fall into a job, or they fall into a relationship, or they fall into a lifestyle...

And they never realize their full potential.

When you're seeking a new life after a woman that you've broken away from, you need to reclaim your male dignity.

8 months is nothing. I've heard of guys that don't
let themselves get over a woman for their whole lives.

Key words: let themselves.

You need to find a new purpose and a new direction in your life. The best way to do that is to download the
Secrets of the Alpha Man and get to work.


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