Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Understand the way of the Alpha Man

Mr. Xuma -

Let me start off by saying that I do not intend for this to sound like a cheesy commercial, but you need to know how much this means....

Im 20 years old and when I was growing up there was a lot of very negative things I experienced in life that to this day I know is the reason why I have been insecure/low self-esteem. I know a lot of it comes down to people making fun of me about certain things I did, some of it came from family members and some came from way back when I was in elementary school with certain females I found attractive when I was that young.

About a year and a half ago was when I finaly decided that I needed to really do something about myself, I was coming down from an almost 3 year relationship with a girl that started off as "just a friend." I literally was at the point in my life where I felt I needed to do something bad because I felt all kinds of negative emotions just started building up inside of me, so I decided to start reading books, mostly ones based on self improvement. All the ones I was coming across didnt have any information that I could soak up on and the majority of them were very complicated to try and understand.

Then about 3 months ago I came across your page and found a lot of the things you were saying that the E-book contained very interesting, but I was upset at the time because I didnt have a job so I couldnt afford it...Well just recently I started a new job and sure enough, the first thing in my mind was to save up for this once I had everything else I needed to take care of out the way.

I dont even know where to begin, the second I started reading it, I found myself taking notes on the pages that didnt even contain exercises just so I knew for a fact that the information will get put through my head and thats something all those other books I came across I have never done and for the record, I didnt even take notes that heavy in high school !

I mean the information you give is really something I cant believe and you do it in a way where its not "too" professional like, there were times when I literally started busting out laughing because of some of the ways you explain certain things. A lot of the things you explained that made me laugh were things like comparing the alphas with the betas and ill tell you the truth I've really seen situations happen like that with my friends where they let their girlfriend practically take over their relationship.

That's what makes this whole set (E-book Cd's) complete is that it covers how MEN should be period ! not just with females, but with their everyday life ! with that being said I finaly found out that the biggest enemy I've had all this time, was myself.

The bottom line is I really have no way to thank you and I know for a fact that the way I TRULY feel won't come across as good from me typing all these words rather than it would if I spoke to you about it in person. I know for a fact that THIS is the life I need to lead in order to be successful. I know its going to take some time, but I can honestly say I feel really good about having this product and I'm glad I finaly found the direction I need to be going, I'm already putting a lot of effort of trying to make these changes in my life and its only been 2 weeks since I've purchased it and I'm being real with you,

I really do feel a change, I know its not a complete change, but at the same time I know for a fact its slowly soaking up. I can now set a good example for my 2 younger nephews that are growing up....

Trust me when I say this, if we were in person I definitely would shake your hand and give you that pat on the back like a son does to his dad for showing him something new. Thanks a lot man !


Thanks for the good word, my paduan... You're on the path to Alpha Manhood.

Understanding how this new state of being works is something that is difficult to put into words. When I went through this transformation myself, I found that it was a very unique and individual experience.

What I wanted to do with the Alpha Man program is communicate the core competencies of changing your life into something that would be worth living.

As Braveheart - William Wallace - said: "Every man dies, but not every man truly lives."

Chances are, you've been brought up in a single parent household, and that parent was probably your mom. Now, mom did a wonderful job raising you on her own, but one thing she could never be for you is a MAN.

I was lucky in that my dad didn't leave until I was 16, and by that time I was pretty well versed in the way of the Alpha. My dad was a hardcore Italian who took no shit from anyone. I inherited (and had to tame) his temper, but in the end I became the kind of guy that women want.

Most guys today are confused about this, and it's my job to get them back on track.

Attracting a woman is easy, when you understand how to communicate yourself as an Alpha Man.

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