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Dating advice for building attraction

Learn how to approach women and build interest

What women want - an Alpha Male!

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How to meet girls

Learn how to read body language

Build natural attraction

Real Social Dynamics

Carlos Xuma gives you the biggest boost to your Alpha Male power

Seduction is nothing - learn how to build ATTRACTION!

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Get women

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Allan Handelman interviews Carlos Xuma



Dating Dynamics Shows You:

- Dating Advice for Men

- How to Approach Women

- How to Talk to Women

- How to Attract Women

- How to Meet Girls

- How to Read Body Language

- Dating Tips

- How to Get a Girlfriend and Keep Her


Stop faking it and learn how to approach women




"Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your contribution to males everywhere (if they are smart enough to do something about it).   "I am reading your Black Book and am finding it quite impressive the more I read it... "Your book has loaded my mind with information.  I know I will succeed... I'm getting back on the upward spiral."

- D.M.



"I've been studying your techniques for almost a month now and wow what a difference!

"Just a few short weeks ago I was recovering from a breakup- not my decision, feeling sorry for myself, and in a 'funk.'

"After studying the Dating Dynamics program for a few weeks now my reality is beginning to change because I'm successfully creating the reality that I want!

If I'm doing this good after only a few weeks, imagining one year from now is almost scary! Thanks!" - J.B.


What Would You Do With The Power To Attract Women Anywhere, Anytime?


"Dating skills and attraction skills are not logical or rational. That means that you must have an understanding of the complex social dynamics with women to achieve success." - Carlos Xuma




Dating Advice That Most Men Will Never Learn:
How to Attract Women -
And What to Say When You Talk to Women


Most Guys Don't Know How Attraction Really Works ... And That They Can Create Attraction.

The Laws of Female Attraction





How To Attract Women and Get More Dates In Less Than 30 days ...


Don't send out another email...

Don't sign up for an online dating service...

And definitely DO NOT call another woman before you read the advice and strategies I have for you...


DATING ADVICE TIP #3: You need to become an ALPHA MALE, and then communicate your masculine self-confidence to women...



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