Monday, October 23, 2006

Women will test you and see if you will fall for it


Was out dancing the other night, and started up a conversation with a cute girl... went very well... things got a little strange after I asked for her number. She gave it to me, and said 'don't get all freaked out and think I'm a horrible person if I don't call back right away. You may have to call a couple of times before I get a chance to call you back since I am so busy".

Obviously, that's not what I wanted to hear. So, here's the question - my instincts tell me call once, and then if no call back let it go (I don't have to beg - plenty of fish in the sea)... what's your take?

Your program kicks major ass; provides an invaluable service to dudes to let them know it's not about pickup lines and 'outer game' only. Well worth every penny. Keep up the great work - I look forward to every coaching session and podcast.


She was just trying to inoculate you against her flaky personality. Nice of her to try to keep your image of her pure and clean, but she's just playing a game.

Now, when you say "that's not what I wanted to hear," I'd be willing to bet that it LOOKED like that to her at that moment, too. That's going to let her know right off that you're easily jerked around by disappointment, which also tells her that you're probably lacking self-confidence at the game.

Your response should be something teasing to her for every insecure little tic and test she throws at you.

"Don't think I'm a horrible person... I'm so busy..."

"Well, I think you'll make the time for my call. It's not like you're going to have anything nearly as exciting as me happen to you for some time. You're smart. You'll answer." Big cheesy grin.

Call her. Be persistent without being needy.

Keep calling her until you either get tired of it, or you get the date.

One try isn't enough. Hell, it will take her 10 minutes just to FIND her phone in her purse. Do you really think that's enough to get through to her?

Work it a little, but only if you can let go of the need for an expected result to make yourself feel good.

But if it makes you feel good, ditch her number after the first call. Just don't expect a whole lot of results there.

An Alpha Man doesn't need a woman to answer the phone, he simply hopes she will - for her sake - so that he can show her the kind of magic he can bring to her life.

Read what this guy has to say about his Alpha Success:

"After learning all kinds of lines and techniques, and using them in the field, I realised that this is not the most important part of seducing
women. The most important part is what you do (who you are) before the approach. If you approach women with the right attitude, almost any line will work. And I had this creepy feeling that I did not have the right attitude... But what is the "right" attitude you want to convey? And how is it different from my current attitude?

"The Alpha Man program of Carlos Xuma is probably the only program out there which answers these questions in detail. Reading this great stuff, I had several big "Ah Ha!" moments. The result of reading the book, listening to the audio and doing the exercises is that I have much more self confidence and a very relaxed attitude in any situation. Now women are even approaching me for a change! (And, as an unexpected side effect, I learned how some of my colleagues and customers are playing "Alpha man games".

"Thanks to Carlos, I can now easily handle their hoops and come out on top)."

D.H. from Holland

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