Thursday, October 19, 2006

Want to get "Lucky" with women? Then do something a little different...

My name is Lucky.

There is this chick I want I managed to get her numbers when ever I make an appointment to see her at school (University) after her classes, she is always with her friend who in turn I think is disturbing me from charming the chick I want.

What must I do?

I feel like making a comment about your "luck," but I'll refrain.

The simple answer is the one you're avoiding seeing. If she's always with her friend, you're going to have to be a man and get her away from her friend, or do what you want in front of her.

That, or you can hide in your dorm room and cry about how unfair life is, and hope for this friend to not be there one day. (Which may never happen.)

What I want you (and every guy) to understand is that
we are the leaders.

We are the ones who make sh*t happen in this world. Good or bad.

It's up to
you to put yourself on the path to getting what you want. Stop being disempowered.

You should probably do your best to befriend her friend, too.
1) This will get her on your side and she'll actually help you get with the woman you want, and 2) it will make the women you're targeting more interested in you as well. You have to demonstrate good social ability for any woman to want you.

I'm not sure if you have actually managed to (or just want to) get this girl's number, but the next step is

YOU make that happen. If she doesn't help that process along, she isn't into you, dude.

Move on, right?

I cover this complete process of
approaching women here. This is THE guide every man needs to get the women he wants.

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