Friday, October 13, 2006

Are you a "creepy" guy?

Hey Carlos,

The new videos' are looking good, along with the continual expansion of audio coaching! Great Work...

I have encountered an item I'm not sure that you have dealt with, directly or indirectly.

It has a lot to do with being "on" when the girl returns your call. If you are not "on" should you take the call?

Also, with that being the case, not being "on" with your game things happen during a conversation. Leading to my other question...

How do you recover from the word "creepy" being used? I've only encountered it twice in my life, but it put me back when i heard it. Not sure exactly what I did to have that particular word used, it may have even been the state I was in during my approach... (Reminder to self: Never approach when under the influence...)


As far as being "on" when you talk to a woman, yes, I recommend you try to be at least "awake" in all the important ways when you talk to her.

There are a couple reasons for this:

1) You're not very energized, which means that the woman is going to not pick up on your vibe. She'll think you're dull.

2) You will not be RESOURCEFUL (Part of being R.E.A.L. with women.) You won't be at your best. And the first few calls are when you need to be at your best.

As for "creepy," well, that's a definite vibe that women get from a guy they feel is coming on with all the wrong methods. He's coming across as inauthentic and appearing untrustworthy.

Yes, drinking while approaching can lead to some unhealthy situations, so the best approach is to simply be YOU.

I know, scary. But not the YOU that would fall into the typical "Nice Guy" mistakes. This "YOU" is one that understands what an Alpha Man is, and how he behaves.

You see, most guys fall victim to what I call "default behavior." This means that they act from bad programming. This is that stuff that was put in your head by your mom, your well-meaning female friends, bad Hollywood programming. Etc.

So if you don't seek out and learn the real deal, you're going to think you're "being you", but you're really being a version of "you" that is trying to meet some other false expectation of women. (Contrary to popular belief, women don't want guys who make them their reason for living...)

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