Sunday, October 22, 2006

Congratulations! Another emotional tampon is born!

Dear Carlos,

I would first like to thank you for everything, it has changed my life.I have many girls attracted to me,thanks to the fact that I pursued my own dreams and passions.But I'm in a bit of a fix..

There is this really hot girl that I know,a 9 in my opinion.I talked to her a couple of times,and she's always complimenting me on my guitar playing ability,and I'm always teasing her,but once in a while I do throw in a compliment, but I don't keep repeating that compliment as I have learnt too.

Anyways, this girl told me last night she had a problem with trusting guys, mainly because of her ex. She talked to me for 4 hours and DIDNT let me go because 'She loved talking to me'.I don't quite get this.

Where should I go with this girl?It is quite contradicting as she doesn't trust guys,but then talks to me for more than 4 hours.Should I go ahead?And,how should I go about it?

I've talked to this girl a couple of times,and I've done no WUSSLIKE behaviour,I'm pretty sure.

What should I do,dear teacher?


Her trust issues are irrelevant. If she told you about them, she's just trying to test you and find a way to drive you away. She wants to see if she can get you to try and wuss out by telling you that she has these supposed "issues".

And guess what?

You are falling right into it.

She's using you as her emotional tampon, dude. After she fills you up with all her "therapy" talk and "men are bad" bitterness, she'll toss you in the dumpster with all the other clueless morons who fall into this trap.

No offense, though. It's my hope that you are not clueless, after all, you're getting success and understanding through my programs.

But I'm calling bullshit on your claim that SHE kept you on the phone.

No, it wasn't her.

YOU stayed on the phone.

If you want to get off the phone, it's easy: You tell her you have a LIFE to get on with, and then you say it was nice talking to her, and then you HANG UP.

She was testing you again.




I'm smacking my forehead here.

Here's a little memory trick I want you to use so that you don't mistake one thing for another:

  • A woman who stays with you on the phone for 4 hours is your FRIEND. (i.e., the person she will NOT sleep with.)
  • A woman who stays in bed with you for 4 hours having wild monkey love is your SEX KITTEN. (i.e., the person who can be your friend AND your lover.)
And now here's your rehab program:
1) Smack yourself in the back of the head a couple times. I'm serious, hit yourself with your own hand. It's quite stimulating, and it may get through. I do this when I've done something REALLY dumb to make sure I don't repeat it.

2) Do not EVER talk with a woman for 4 hours again.

3) Forget about this girl. She's gone. Lost.

4) Remember that any woman that TELLS you she has trust issues is just testing you. The women with REAL trust issues will cover it up with misleading behavior until you're good and addicted to her, and then she disappears. She's too busy trying to convince herself through overly intimate behavior that she has these issues, so she'd NEVER admit it.

5) Go out and meet 10 new women this week. (And re-read #2 above.)



But an attractive woman will always test you like this. It's the only way she can know for certain that you're "for real." Especially with about a hundred other walking hard-ons looking to weasel their way into her life.

She knows how to screen the losers out, and it's a great way to keep her life dork-free. Hell, I use certain tests on women that keep away the flakes and nuts.

The problem is that the blustering and bravado of a "bad boy" can get right through her tests pretty easily, leaving her in a puddle of cRaZy on the floor. That's why it's up to us Alpha Men to save her from the dorks and jerks.

If you want to be one of the Alpha Men who can show a woman complete self confidence and character, you need to learn the SECRETS here.

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