Monday, October 16, 2006

How do you think about relationships?

Carlos, I was recently looking at other seduction websites (yes I admit it.....I cheated on you but I promise I only buy your stuff). Actually I own every product you feature.

To be honest, I think it is crazy for someone to chase a married woman but how can a guy ever keep a relationship alive for the LONG term?

Let's be honest here, if you' married or even been in a relationship for several years it is damn near impossible to make your wife feel at "bliss" like the relationship once felt to her. I feel sorry for the husband in my above link. I understand the man has to keep her interest but is it really possible to give a woman that Disney Dilution after 5 years together??

Even if he is capable of showing her this level of romance it would be few and far in between. Everything NEW feel fresh and exciting. I would really appreciate your feedback because this had struck a nerve with me.

This happened to me, now my ex-wife jumps from guy to guy seeking this state of bliss while holding a candle to our legacy. Is this woman (in the example above) just selfish? Please advise! After reading this example I NEVER want to be emotionally connected with a woman because of fear that it is impossible to make her constantly feel "like" when we first dated. It almost seems like a lose-lose situation.

If the husband were quit work or even chop his hours way back, they would be fighting constantly about struggling to keep up with bills and not be able to afford a night out. Sad but true, but in corporate America everyone pays there dues, obviously this requires crazy hours.


Don't get caught up in the need to fulfill yourself through making HER feel a certain way. You'll never be able to control that.

Instead, create the relationship that gives you what you need without the desperation and worry about "losing" someone. You can never fully HAVE them in the first place.

Think about how you've defined a "relationship" in your mind. I'll bet that you, like me and many other guys out there, have used them as a place to hold all our unspoken hopes and needs for fulfillment. When we're insecure, we look to another person to fill that void.

In fact, we will always have voids and places that we cannot satisfy, but we can't get caught up in the trap of looking for this from other people. Learn how to live with the existential pain of aloneness that we all experience.

Don't run from it by chasing idealistic relationships.

Whoah. Deep, dude!

Too many people treat relationships like possessions. They are actually temporary gifts, like sunny days.

Enjoy them while you have them, and be free and independent within one.

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