Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Comment from a Podcast Listener


Just a thought. I was listening to your podcast on "Role Model" yesterday, and this morning I was listening to songs by Julio Iglesias. It strikes me that his songs are typical of the "men depend on women" attitude (which they love to hear).

Listening to your podcast has a magical effect on my view on life; I do believe your approach is right, when compared to "tricks" like those mentionned by many "seduction gurus". Be a full male personality first. And it's not easy to find what THAT is, given the feminist fog that's everywhere around. We French pride for inventing "amour courtois" in the Middle Ages poetry, by which men are supposed to put themselves to the service of women, respect them, and basically put them on a pedestal.

It was probably a great literary idea, and maybe it was good to give women a position in society, back then. But things have gone too far and have pervaded everything. A French poet wrote in the 1960' "women is the future of mankind" and that statement is often quoted even now... can you imagine the problem the guy had with his mother, in order to write that?

Keep up making things clear!

Yes, I think that in the past, men romanticized women because of their "mystique" and sexual power. Your term "feminist fog" is very appropriate.

Today, you have guys like me who can now reveal these secrets and how they work on your psychology.

Wouldn't it be great to understand the mental workings of the opposite sex?

Wouldn't it be great to have foglamps for this fog?

Wouldn't it be fantastic to know what to do and when with women?

Wouldn't it be cool to know how to build attraction with most every woman you meet?

Romantic notions are nice for novels and movies, but they do not serve you today.
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