Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Can MARRIED men get something from being an Alpha Man? Hell yeah!

Hi Carlos, I just wanted to ask you a quick question. I see where my wife feels the way she does that there is no challenge there and we have been together for 17 years. I know I have been to nice more out of respect and courtesy because I truly love my wife.

Is there some things that I should not use in your material since I am not in the dating world and I am a married man? There is no question I need to become more of the alpha male in my home and gain her respect and in the process I do not want to alienate or take something out of context and have it back fire. I appreciate your input and I am looking forward to going through the course!


You probably don't realize this, but I get a LOT of married guys order my Alpha Man course.


Because they don't want to have to throw away their marriage to realize their full potential as masculine MEN. They still want to keep their relationships alive, or revive them as the case may be.

As you go through the Alpha Man program (big e-book, lotsa audio, enough said), you'll see that there is a lot of stuff there.

ALL of it is necessary for almost all men to realize their Alpha Status.

But what you'll have to figure out on your own is the CONTEXT.

You see, it really doesn't matter if you're a married man, single man, extra-terrestrial man... You have probably given up your gonads to the woman out of fear, supplication, simplicity, not wanting to create a problem... etc. You didn't realize that you were emasculating yourself to chase the easy path, but you were.

Now the biggest mistake you can possibly make is to try and switch over to being the Alpha Man overnight. A married man must introduce the change slowly, but decisively.

You see, your wife will test you. Oh, yes, she will.....

She's been around you for 17 years, and she thinks she knows the REAL you. She'll fight you on this tooth and nail because she'll think you're putting on a front when you start getting back to the way a man really needs to be.

Don't get me wrong - she'll be completely turned on by your new transformation, but it will be a threat to the nice steady seas she's been sailing with you so far.

Change is scary.

So you have to prepare yourself for a little bit of a pissing match.

But that's what a REAL Alpha Man thrives on! He likes the challenge, and when you reclaim that lost sense of masculine power you once had, it's like being reborn! I kid you not!

Read what this other guy is doing with his new Alpha Manhood:

"Carlos, This awesome knowledge need not necessarily be relegated to seduce women alone but life itself!

this awesome book has helped me improve my life all around - family, social and work. People now look up to me with respect and trust for guidance and comfort. My confidence level in myself and in people around me has increased 400 % in the last two weeks - I am looking forward to getting that converted to income in the near future.

"Thank you Carlos, for sharing the knowledge so explicitly with your fellow beings. I intend to raise my children on these basic principles so they are confident and successful in all spheres of life."

- Vijay C.


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