How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

It’s not rocket science, but learning how to flirt with a girl over text does take a little more effort than flirting in person does.

There is a bit of a learning curve.

That is partly because so much of flirting in person is done through body language. We flirt by sending subtle signals to each other that express interest.

For instance, when you learn how to flirt with a girl over text, you can automatically throw out strong eye contact and smiling on your part to convey your interest.

In addition, the flirting back and forth becomes complicated because you have no way of gauging her reaction to your flirting or her interest in you through body language.

In person, you can usually pick up if a woman is flirting with you if you know the subtle signals to look for, such as her mimicking your body movements (take a drink whenever you do), playing with her hair, dilated pupils, body turned toward you instead of away from you, and so on.

Over text, you have no idea if she’s sitting there blushing as red as a rose or if she is rolling her eyes at what you have written. It’s a bit more complicated, now isn’t it?

So when you learn how to flirt with a girl over text, you probably are going to have a few hits and misses in the beginning. Look at it as a bit of an experiment at first.

Probably the easiest way to flirt with text is to use every little scrap of humor and wittiness you can dredge up in yourself.

Being funny is a great way to flirt and if done right, you can easily convey this in texting.

In other words, in learning how to flirt with a girl over text, you are going to have to sharpen and hone that funny bone.

For instance, she might say, “I’m too tired to get out of bed today.” And you might respond, “I bet you say that to all the boys.”

It’s kind of stupid and kind of funny at the same time. It doesn’t really go with what she told you so there is a good chance she is both laughing and rolling her eyes at your dumb joke. That works.

You can get away with saying sort of dumb funny things on text better than you can in person, actually. Usually if it isn’t clear you are joking, you can simply add a smiley face and voila, your meaning is clear.

Probably the best thing to remember when learning how to flirt with a girl over text is avoiding complimenting her. That is the death knell.

Flirting in person may involve compliments, but over text, they usually just make you look desperate. Texting her something like “you’re so pretty” just sounds lame.

And, of course, all the rules for how to flirt with a girl over text completely change once you’ve been intimate with a girl. That’s when it can get really fun. That’s when you can use texting to build anticipation for the next get together by saying something, such as “I’m just remembering how hot you looked in that turquoise dress and hope you wear it again tonight so I can take it off you.”