How To Approach A Woman

Do you want a simple, detailed road map on approaching women during the middle of the day? Read on. There are thousands of ways to approach women, but this is one of the easiest and best ways to make a genuine connection with a woman that will want to stick around after that first date.

How To Approach A Woman Steps:

1. Locations, Preparation, and Scouting.

Your first step in approaching a woman is to choose a location that is frequented by a lot of women. For instance, a coffee shop, bookstore, the market, the mall, or a museum would be good choices. Once you decide on your location, take some time to practice walking up and talking to random strangers. Learn how to be talkative by asking women and men for directions or for the time. Learn how to engage strangers until it feels completely natural.

Once you feel comfortable walking up to random strangers, go visit your chosen location and scout out the women walking by. Once you find one you like, move onto step number 2.

2. The approach. Without giving yourself time to hesitate and talk yourself out of it, walk up to the woman you are interested in with a friendly smile. As soon as you get close, ask her for direction to a place you know is nearby (you’ve already scouted out this location, remember?). Once she gives you directions, follow with a question about the place you are going.

For instance, if you are asking her about a clothing store, you might be about to leave, but then turn around at the last minute and ask what type of outfit she thinks a 12-year-old girl would like. You can say you are buying your little sister (or niece) a gift, but aren’t sure what girls that age wear. Ask her for her advice.

3. The convo.

At this point, you’ve asked your question. As you listen, it is crucial that you are watching her body language and the energy y of the conversation. If she seems impatient, or rude, or bored, or fidgety, then it’s time to go. If her body language is telling you she’s eager to get out of there (her legs or body are faced away from you), it might be time to move on and talk to someone else instead.

However, if she seems friendly and the conversation is going well, continue the vibe by asking her advice on something to do with relationships. You might ask her opinion on how you see your friends’ girlfriend acting toward him, or something else. You can explain that you want a female perspective on it, because as a guy maybe you are missing something.

4. Make your move.

If the conversation is flowing, try to sit down. If she’s already sitting, tell her you can only stay a minute. Ask her name. Don’t offer your name.

Continue your conversation, while avoiding boring questions such as asking her where she works. Also, avoid questions she can answer with yes or no. As the conversation continues, you might want to create a sense of fun and connection by using gentle teasing.

5. Get her number.

During the entire conversation, keep an eye on the energy between you and watch her body language. If all signs point to “Go” now is the time to get her number. Do so, by mentioning a favorite place and telling her that she’d love it there. Say that the two of you should go sometime and hand her your phone, telling her to put her digits into it. Tell her you have to run and give her a big smile before you leave.

These are some tips on how to approach a woman.