How to Call Girls

You did it. You finally snagged numbers from the three hottest girls at your gym. Now, with those digits in your cell phone, the next step is to dial the number and talk to them. Ultimately your goal is to set up an in person meeting.

But just what should you say? Should you call the cutest one now even though you only got her number a few hours ago? What exactly should you do so she doesn’t think you are a psycho stalker, but instead is intrigued by you and is eager to see you alone?

How to Call Girls Rules:

1. The first rule is do not under any circumstance call her the first day you get her number. I’m sure you’ve had friends who say they’ve done this and it has worked out just fine, but that’s not the path you are going to take. Until you becoming an alpha male dating guru teaching other men the intricacies of navigating the dating arena, you are going to play it safe and sure. So, you are going to call her 48 hours after you get her number.

2. The second rule to remember is that it will help your dating game dramatically if you are dating several women at once. By doing this, you will automatically exude confidence and assuredness during your conversation with a girl. You don’t need to mention your active dating life and I would say avoid talking about it at all costs. But knowing that this girl is not your only hope will make you appear naturally attractive without you saying a darn thing about it.

3. The best strategy for a phone conversation is to continually steer the talk back to her. Focus on her so much that at least 70 percent of the conversation has to do with her, not you. Listen to what she has to say instead of imagining her naked. While you listen, pay attention for red flags that might show she’s a bad fit for you. (See Rule No. 4 below.)

4. During your phone conversation, don’t only listen to the words she is saying, but also try to understand the meaning behind those words. For instance, if she talks overly about her sister’s baby, that might mean she’s ready to settle down and have a family and looking for a man to do that with.

If that’s not in your immediate future, file that little bit of information away and look for other red flags that might back it up.

Also, what she chooses to talk to you about might give you an indication of her personality. For instance, if she is a malcontent, she might spend the entire time complaining about her boss.

Right now is the time to listen and make a mental note of what could be potential red flags. Don’t act on them now, but keep them in mind for future reference.

5. Your last rule and step, is to set up a simple in-person meeting before you get off the phone with her. Plan something unique and exciting that preferably involves very little money.

Impress her instead with your creativity in your choice of what to do on a date.