Attract Women Secrets

When it comes to attracting women, it helps for men to learn as many tips and techniques as they can. There is nothing under-handed about this, it is simply learning what women want and being able to give that to them.

You can call it a secret or call it a tool, but by knowing a technique or two, both you and the women you date will be happier.

Attract Women Secrets and Tools:

1. Tease to Please.

Any man who can hone his skills and become adept at the fine art of teasing is bound to attract more women than he has time for. Teasing works on so many levels. When you tease a woman, you are not only making her feel comfortable with you, but you are also subtly letting her know that you are not intimidated by her. You are showing that she is not up on a pedestal. You are exhibiting self-confidence and making her laugh at the same time, which is always a winning combination.

2. Kino.

Kino stands for kinesthetic stimulation, which basically means touching someone with the goal of arousing them. If you learn how to sensually touch a woman, she will be putty in your hands. Most men are like bears in a china shop and have very little understanding of how to use touch to seduce and attract women.

Men need to study kino and learn the areas of the body that are easily aroused and that are erotic zones. For instance, a brief touch on her lower back as you pass by can be incredibly seductive and stimulating to a woman.

3. Alpha Male Traits.

Tailor your behavior to exhibit certain traits that women are attracted to. For example, women are biologically attracted to men who indicate that they have the following:

  • Connections and social status
  • Resources and wealth to provide for a family
  • Physically attractive
  • Tall
  • Emotional and physical strength
  • Good health
  • Intelligence

Now, don’t despair if you weren’t naturally born handsome or if you are barely scraping by in the finance department. You can still exhibit the other traits. And remember, just be dressing nice and taking care of yourself, you can seem physically attractive to any woman.

4. Push-Pull

Learn how to use the push-pull technique to amp up her attraction to you.

You can study this technique further, but in essence, it involves keeping her guessing about your attraction toward her. For instance, you might grab her and give her a big, sexy kiss, but then push her away and say it’s time for you to leave.

5. Learn the Long Second.

The long second refers to your ability to speed up or slow down time when you are with a woman. Sometimes a woman wants to feel like she’s known you a long time before she becomes intimate with you. You can distort the sense of time in a psychological way. One way to do this is to change venues within a few hours.

This creates the sense that time has passed.