How Men Attract Women

Sometimes it seems like a mystery why some men get all the hot women while other guys can’t nab a date to save their lives. It’s not a mystery. It’s not rocket science. It’s pretty simple, actually. There are really no secrets to how men attract women.

Instead, there are certain traits that men learn to exhibit that make women crazy about them. By learning these traits and adopting them as your own, you can also be successful with picking up women.

I like to call them the essential alpha male traits and they are truly the key to unlocking the question of how men attract women.

Women want a manly man even more than they want a man who is large enough, rich enough or good-looking enough. They want a man who believes in taking charge and isn’t afraid to be a leader or go for what he wants. Women say men like this are the biggest turn on. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to be wealthy, good looking or well-endowed, but ultimately that is not going to be what attracts a woman. Women are dialed in on a primitive, biological level to choose a man with alpha male traits over a rich, handsome guy.

How Men Attract Women Traits:

1. Manliness. Don’t ever forget you are a man. Don’t be ashamed of your game. Don’t be afraid to be manly. Too many men are gun shy about their masculinity because over the past few decades it has been in vogue to be the sensitive guy. Go on ahead and be the sensitive guy, but don’t shirk your manhood in exchange. Being manly does not equal being a jerk, no matter what some might say. And besides, most importantly, women truly want a manly man.

2. Attitude of taking charge. Women want a man who is a leader. The ability to make decisions is a key alpha male trait that is necessary in attracting women. The idea is to take charge and be decisive, but not with disregard to what anyone else wants. It’s about being clear on what you want and like and not being afraid to make a choice. It doesn’t even matter if the decision is ultimately the wrong one. What matters is you were decisive.

3. Ooze self-confidence. This might be the most important alpha male trait you can adopt and exhibit. Self-confidence shows that you like who you are. It also shows a healthy self-respect. When you respect and like yourself, others will naturally do the same.

4. Emotional control. It’s okay to be a sensitive guy who cries at a sad movie, but it is important to not get too caught up in emotions and let them overtake you if you want to exhibit alpha male traits. Walk that fine line between being in touch with how you feel and being comfortable with those feelings, but not an emotional wreck who allows those feelings to dictate how he acts and what he does and says.