Online Dating Profile Examples

You’ve taken the plunge and joined an online dating group. You think you’ve done a good job setting up your profile, but you’re not quite sure since this is all new.

Here are some things to avoid in your profile, if you want to meet women:

Online Dating Profile Examples That Fails:

1. “I still live with my mom and dad.”

Your parents might be the coolest two people on the planet, but no girl in her right mind is going to want to date a guy who lives at home. It’s like having a big L blazed on your forehead. It screams LOSER.

However, with that said, there are some men who have been forced to move back home because of the economy. The trick is in how you tell her you live at home. Don’t do this until you’ve been on at least two dates and then you can spin it to your advantage by making sure to point out it is a temporary situation. Make a joke out of it by saying you put your foot down by refusing to sleep in your old room with the Star Wars wallpaper. Don’t bash your parents, either.

2. “Looking for a woman who likes to go Dutch.”

I don’t care if you can’t scrape together enough money for a hot dog, you should never ever include your dire financial situation on your online profile. Hot women never need to go Dutch. In fact, not-so-hot women don’t need to, either. Nobody likes a tightwad. Start saving your money now so you can foot the bill on any date. Better yet, be creative and brainstorm some affordable or free date activities that will impress her more than any fancy meal.

3. “This is a picture of me and my cat, Schnookems.”

Now, many women dig cats, but you cannot use this as a selling point in an online dating profile. You can point out you have a cat, but please, no pictures and no sharing goofy names. Of course, you are hoping that women will have the chance to meet your cuddly best friend in person, so safe introductions for then. If you are going to share pictures, show something that depicts you as a little more manly.

4. “I’m unemployed.”

It’s true with the job market today this is a possibility, but save that bit of personal information for after the first meeting. You don’t need to volunteer this in your profile. If it does come up during that first date, don’t be a loser by badmouthing the company. Instead, focus on your efforts to change the situation and how losing this job might have been a blessing in disguise, since something better awaits you around the corner.

5. “I really don’t expect this to work. My profile isn’t that great compared to others.”

Basically, you’re broadcasting to the world that you think you’re a loser and guess what, they are going to agree. You are not being modest. You are being dumb, sounding needy, and wimpy.