Tips on Romance

Women like romance. If you want to seduce a woman, you better know how to give her that romantic feeling she craves.

If you don’t have a romantic bone in your body, don’t despair. You can take a few simple steps to add romance to your life.

Here are some tips on romance that focus on three key areas during your date: you, your car, and your home. Most of these tips are focusing on preparing for a meeting of a romantic nature. Although, they refer to that first date, you can always use these ideas to impress someone you are already dating and add a little spice to your relationship:

Tips on Romance – You

  • Get pumped up for your date by playing your favorite music. Either play something that gets you amped or something that relaxes you, depending on what you need.
  • Do push-ups or other exercise right before you leave to get your endorphins flowing and to add a little pheromone to your sweat.
  • Have a piece of fruit or an energy bar to tide your hunger over so you don’t wolf down food like a pig or get crabby from low blood sugar levels.
  • Use cologne. Put on less scent than you think you need.
  • Groom yourself painstakingly. That means your nails, hair, beard, teeth, lotion, and use mouthwash.
  • The day of your date, get online and find two stories in the news that would make good fodder for conversation. Usually ones that are dramatic involving people do best.
  • Vow that no matter how the evening ends, it will be a success because you have given it your best shot.
  • If things are going well, make sure you always, always go in for a kiss at the end of the night so you don’t end up in the dreaded friend zone.
  • Ideally, your date will end with an invite back to your home, which will be prepared for romance (see below).

Tips on Romance – Your Car

  • Keep your car immaculate, inside and out.
  • Have a deodorizer.
  • If you smoke, try not to do so in your vehicle. At the very least, empty your ashtray every day.
  • Keep a cool collection of music to drive around by.

Tips on Romance — Your Home

  • Stock up on candles and fill your house with them. Avoid lightly scented ones in case you pick a scent that you like but nobody else does. Or else, choose a neutral scent such as vanilla or cinnamon.
  • Put dimmers on all your lights, to keep the lighting romantic.
  • Music. Have music at your fingertips. Have a long set list that will play tunes for seduction without you having to get up off the couch, or bed.
  • Have something good to drink. Stock up on beer, wine, plain water, and bubbly water.
  • Have something light to munch, on such as grapes, crackers and cheese.
  • Make sure you have soft and comfortable furniture. It doesn’t help to have a lot of pillows to lounge on, in your bed, and on your couch.
  • Have a cool screensaver on your computer.

If you incorporate even half of these tips on romance, you and your women friends will be much happier in the long run.

Attract Women Secrets

When it comes to attracting women, it helps for men to learn as many tips and techniques as they can. There is nothing under-handed about this, it is simply learning what women want and being able to give that to them.

You can call it a secret or call it a tool, but by knowing a technique or two, both you and the women you date will be happier.

Attract Women Secrets and Tools:

1. Tease to Please.

Any man who can hone his skills and become adept at the fine art of teasing is bound to attract more women than he has time for. Teasing works on so many levels. When you tease a woman, you are not only making her feel comfortable with you, but you are also subtly letting her know that you are not intimidated by her. You are showing that she is not up on a pedestal. You are exhibiting self-confidence and making her laugh at the same time, which is always a winning combination.

2. Kino.

Kino stands for kinesthetic stimulation, which basically means touching someone with the goal of arousing them. If you learn how to sensually touch a woman, she will be putty in your hands. Most men are like bears in a china shop and have very little understanding of how to use touch to seduce and attract women.

Men need to study kino and learn the areas of the body that are easily aroused and that are erotic zones. For instance, a brief touch on her lower back as you pass by can be incredibly seductive and stimulating to a woman.

3. Alpha Male Traits.

Tailor your behavior to exhibit certain traits that women are attracted to. For example, women are biologically attracted to men who indicate that they have the following:

  • Connections and social status
  • Resources and wealth to provide for a family
  • Physically attractive
  • Tall
  • Emotional and physical strength
  • Good health
  • Intelligence

Now, don’t despair if you weren’t naturally born handsome or if you are barely scraping by in the finance department. You can still exhibit the other traits. And remember, just be dressing nice and taking care of yourself, you can seem physically attractive to any woman.

4. Push-Pull

Learn how to use the push-pull technique to amp up her attraction to you.

You can study this technique further, but in essence, it involves keeping her guessing about your attraction toward her. For instance, you might grab her and give her a big, sexy kiss, but then push her away and say it’s time for you to leave.

5. Learn the Long Second.

The long second refers to your ability to speed up or slow down time when you are with a woman. Sometimes a woman wants to feel like she’s known you a long time before she becomes intimate with you. You can distort the sense of time in a psychological way. One way to do this is to change venues within a few hours.

This creates the sense that time has passed.

Online Dating Profile Examples

You’ve taken the plunge and joined an online dating group. You think you’ve done a good job setting up your profile, but you’re not quite sure since this is all new.

Here are some things to avoid in your profile, if you want to meet women:

Online Dating Profile Examples That Fails:

1. “I still live with my mom and dad.”

Your parents might be the coolest two people on the planet, but no girl in her right mind is going to want to date a guy who lives at home. It’s like having a big L blazed on your forehead. It screams LOSER.

However, with that said, there are some men who have been forced to move back home because of the economy. The trick is in how you tell her you live at home. Don’t do this until you’ve been on at least two dates and then you can spin it to your advantage by making sure to point out it is a temporary situation. Make a joke out of it by saying you put your foot down by refusing to sleep in your old room with the Star Wars wallpaper. Don’t bash your parents, either.

2. “Looking for a woman who likes to go Dutch.”

I don’t care if you can’t scrape together enough money for a hot dog, you should never ever include your dire financial situation on your online profile. Hot women never need to go Dutch. In fact, not-so-hot women don’t need to, either. Nobody likes a tightwad. Start saving your money now so you can foot the bill on any date. Better yet, be creative and brainstorm some affordable or free date activities that will impress her more than any fancy meal.

3. “This is a picture of me and my cat, Schnookems.”

Now, many women dig cats, but you cannot use this as a selling point in an online dating profile. You can point out you have a cat, but please, no pictures and no sharing goofy names. Of course, you are hoping that women will have the chance to meet your cuddly best friend in person, so safe introductions for then. If you are going to share pictures, show something that depicts you as a little more manly.

4. “I’m unemployed.”

It’s true with the job market today this is a possibility, but save that bit of personal information for after the first meeting. You don’t need to volunteer this in your profile. If it does come up during that first date, don’t be a loser by badmouthing the company. Instead, focus on your efforts to change the situation and how losing this job might have been a blessing in disguise, since something better awaits you around the corner.

5. “I really don’t expect this to work. My profile isn’t that great compared to others.”

Basically, you’re broadcasting to the world that you think you’re a loser and guess what, they are going to agree. You are not being modest. You are being dumb, sounding needy, and wimpy.

How To Approach A Woman

Do you want a simple, detailed road map on approaching women during the middle of the day? Read on. There are thousands of ways to approach women, but this is one of the easiest and best ways to make a genuine connection with a woman that will want to stick around after that first date.

How To Approach A Woman Steps:

1. Locations, Preparation, and Scouting.

Your first step in approaching a woman is to choose a location that is frequented by a lot of women. For instance, a coffee shop, bookstore, the market, the mall, or a museum would be good choices. Once you decide on your location, take some time to practice walking up and talking to random strangers. Learn how to be talkative by asking women and men for directions or for the time. Learn how to engage strangers until it feels completely natural.

Once you feel comfortable walking up to random strangers, go visit your chosen location and scout out the women walking by. Once you find one you like, move onto step number 2.

2. The approach. Without giving yourself time to hesitate and talk yourself out of it, walk up to the woman you are interested in with a friendly smile. As soon as you get close, ask her for direction to a place you know is nearby (you’ve already scouted out this location, remember?). Once she gives you directions, follow with a question about the place you are going.

For instance, if you are asking her about a clothing store, you might be about to leave, but then turn around at the last minute and ask what type of outfit she thinks a 12-year-old girl would like. You can say you are buying your little sister (or niece) a gift, but aren’t sure what girls that age wear. Ask her for her advice.

3. The convo.

At this point, you’ve asked your question. As you listen, it is crucial that you are watching her body language and the energy y of the conversation. If she seems impatient, or rude, or bored, or fidgety, then it’s time to go. If her body language is telling you she’s eager to get out of there (her legs or body are faced away from you), it might be time to move on and talk to someone else instead.

However, if she seems friendly and the conversation is going well, continue the vibe by asking her advice on something to do with relationships. You might ask her opinion on how you see your friends’ girlfriend acting toward him, or something else. You can explain that you want a female perspective on it, because as a guy maybe you are missing something.

4. Make your move.

If the conversation is flowing, try to sit down. If she’s already sitting, tell her you can only stay a minute. Ask her name. Don’t offer your name.

Continue your conversation, while avoiding boring questions such as asking her where she works. Also, avoid questions she can answer with yes or no. As the conversation continues, you might want to create a sense of fun and connection by using gentle teasing.

5. Get her number.

During the entire conversation, keep an eye on the energy between you and watch her body language. If all signs point to “Go” now is the time to get her number. Do so, by mentioning a favorite place and telling her that she’d love it there. Say that the two of you should go sometime and hand her your phone, telling her to put her digits into it. Tell her you have to run and give her a big smile before you leave.

These are some tips on how to approach a woman.

Tips To Get A Girlfriend

A lot of guys brag about wanting to be “players” and date as many women as they can fit into their lives. And that’s okay. There is definitely a time and place for that kind of dating. It’s exhilarating and fun and everyone should do that at some point in their dating life. But there usually (not always) comes a time when a guy would like to find one really cool, compatible woman to spend his time with on a consistent basis. When that happens, it might be hard sometimes to transition from a guy who is dating a million women, or even from a guy who is used to spending a lot of time at work or home and hasn’t had time to date or find a steady girl.

Here are some ideas that make that quest for a girlfriend a little smoother:

Tips To Get A Girlfriend:

1. Get off the couch. I know that seems a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the reality is you will never get a girlfriend sitting at home playing video games. You need to really make the effort to put yourself out there, if you want to meet the woman of your dreams.

That applies to guys who are workaholics and spend every minute they aren’t sleeping doing work.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve been doing up until now, if you want to get a girlfriend, you have to get out there around other people.

2. Expand your social network. Here’s how you get out there off the couch or out of the office. Start working on building your own social network. You can do this by joining clubs or participating in events, such as volunteering and so on. For instance, do you like chess? Find a chess club. Enjoy volleyball. Join a team. Like politics? Volunteer on a campaign. Find ways to pursue your hobbies and passions. Then bring different people from different areas of your life together. For instance, you might arrange to meet some coworkers at a blues club on Saturday, invite your volleyball teammates, as well. Tell them to bring their friends, too. Pretty soon, you are the center of a vibrant social network. These alone, increases your odds exponentially of meeting someone you will have something in common with.

3. Constantly work on self-improvement. That doesn’t mean focusing on it every minute of every day, but it means making some effort every day. That might mean maintaining your weight by your food choices. It might mean expanding your vocabulary by subscribing to a word of the day email.

4. Know your strengths and weakness. Sit down in a quiet spot and list your attributed and character defects. Look at yourself as a product you are selling to others. A lot of people do this and realize they don’t automatically know their own strengths. Know yourself enough to recognize your unique traits and characteristics and how these are something, you have to offer another person in a relationship. Don’t pay a ton of attention to your weaknesses, unless you recognize these are detracting from your ability to either meet a woman or maintain a relationship. If that is the case, make a game plan to conquer or change them.

5. Make a list of what you want in a woman and what you don’t want.

Really, think about the most important traits you need in a girlfriend and the characteristics that you don’t want. For instance, you might say loyalty is the most important quality, even more important than good looks. Or you might say, that no matter how well you fit together in every other area, if you can’t trust a woman, it won’t work.

That way when you meet women, you will know whether they are worth your time and energy or whether there are some obvious traits that are deal breakers. These are some tips to get a girlfriend.