Friday, December 15, 2006

Teddy Shabba Reviews Dating Dynamics Dating Black Book

I'm getting a sudden slew of reviews for my original e-book course, The Dating Black Book. This one just in from Teddy Shabba of Dating Advice Coach...


Too many books dealing with meeting and dating women focus on techniques instead of the basic fundamentals of what actually attracts women to men.

In fact this is the main reason why so many nice guys have problems actually getting any further than the first few dates with women and that's if they find the courage to actually use the techniques on women.

However, Carlos Xuma in his book The Dating Black book shows men the basic fundamentals of attracting and being successful with women.

The Dating Black Book starts off explaining the importance of actually improving yourself and building self confidence to attract women.

If you are looking for a sugar coated version of what it is going to take then this is Not the book for you.

After covering the different aspects of your inner game as well as how to build your self confidence, Carlos moves on to actually show you how to find a girlfriend or women for a long-term relationship.

Many times men have a tendency to get comfortable with a woman quite early and end up in a relationship they do not want and do not know how to get out of.

The Dating Black Book helps you understand what to look for in a good woman and what to watch out for in a Not so good woman.

To finish off the book Carlos quickly covers the basics on sex as well as some additional resources for men to read that will help improve a mans life in general.

Overall, if you have ever read anything that Carlos Xuma has written on dating and women then you already know that he has a lot of very useful information and knowledge to give men and
The Dating Black Book will help you get even more of that information and knowledge.

I would highly recommend this book to the majority if not all Nice Guys or Recovering Nice Guys out there who are struggling with some of the concepts and techniques that other guys teach.

If you want to just be yourself and attract women then
The Dating Black Book by Carlos Xuma is for you.


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