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Do you want to have success with online dating?

Hey, it's Carlos...

You know that I rarely talk about other guys' material out there, primarily because I have to know that the advice has to come from an authentic and honorable frame.

So many so-called "gurus" out there are giving guys trashy advice that actually lowers men's confidence. I only represent the most solid ideas and techniques for getting you success when you're dating women - as well as improving your entire lifestyle.

Well, I just sat down with my good friend Grant Adams and recorded a great interview that will be coming out in an upcoming program of his. I wanted to drop you a note right now to let you in on a new program of his that's just been released.

You see, Grant's information is a perfect complement to my own, since he covers a method in detail which I have used to great success over the years, and I want you to get the results I have, too.

This method is called ...


I often get questions about how to succeed with online dating, which presents a whole set of its own challenges...

When you're meeting a woman in person, you can use your voice, your body language, your facial expressions to communicate worlds of information.

But online, both in constructing a profile that is magnetic, and in your letters and IMs, it is all about the tool of language.

And there is no one better at making your language pierce to the core of the female heart than my friend Grant Adams. His Net2Bed Ebook arrived earlier this year with a bang. Grant combines a unique background in semiotics -- the art of sending signals -- with years of high level marketing writing. Additionally, as a successful Hollywood writer, he's written enough Lifetime and other women's movies that he, in his words, "can now ovulate on command."

The man knows women and more importantly, knows how to awaken their sensual inner selves with nothing but language.

His success in alluring women online reached a high point when he was selected by the star of an ABC television dating show to join her on the show - solely on the strength of his profile. They had never met, nor did he ask for it. But she scrolled through hundreds of profiles and exclaimed "Damn!" on national TV, "who's THIS guy?"

Grant's book is specifically designed to get YOU that "Damn! Who's THIS guy" reaction to your profile. Most guys' profiles are just dead words, invisible, skipped over by women time and time again. His system, by contrast, will teach you how to stand out online in every possible way.

Some the techniques he teaches include:

* How to subtly Create Trust so she moves towards you (rather than those other clunky guys online) with confidence and speed

* How to invite Her into a "dream state" about you with suggestive and imaginative imaging of your life, your sense of purpose and service

* How to embed sexuality without sex, through the use of sensually awake language so that SHE mentions sex first

* How to combine Electrically Contrasting Signifiers that will create an alluring puzzle she just cant let go of

* How to identify and "sing" to her idealized self, in a way that 99% of guys wouldn't know where to begin

* How to employ key emotional trigger words that most guys don't know, much less know how to use.

The list goes on and on.

Grant just updated his Net2Bed-Net2Wed ebook and recorded a new audio edition that is like a fat ring of magic keys to attracting women online. When I heard about what he'd done, I made a special arrangement with him that you've just got to check out - an offer better than he'll probably ever offer again.

Plus, I got him to give away part of the system to you for nothing. He's going to give to you -- just because I've referred you -- a copy of his "How to Read a Woman" teleseminar so you can discover how to find the hidden nuggets of information buried in a beautiful woman's profile.

It's a $37 recording, but yours FREE -- only IF you go get it right now.

Go see it HERE.

He's pulling the offer in less than a week, but I don't know exactly when. I think he's got a limit for how many he'll be giving away for free, and once he reaches it, the offer -- and the free teleseminar -- are gone.

Just make sure you get it now so that you don't get upset later.

- Carlos Xuma

P.S. One other thing you should know. . . whether you've been dating online for a long time, or have never visited an online dating site, Grant's system can improve your game. For every one girl in a bar or at a party, there are thousands online who are there to meet guys like you . . . IF you know how to stand out online.

Net2Bed/Net2Wed will show you how.


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