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How do you defend against pickup artists that hit on your girlfriend...


I've been dating a women now for about 5 months and all the while enjoying myself by using a lot of the methods in your program. We were out with some other friends and a guy in the group that I had just met seemed pretty cool. I could sense that he possed some of the Alpha traits and we hit it off pretty well. However, I began to notice he started to crack a few chop busters on my girl.

I used the Cock Blocker routine and that fired him up and he started to have a little temper tantrum. But after a while, he calmed down and snuck one in on her again; and this time managed to jack up her sexual tension and she smacked him on the arm...

Here's my question: after studying your material; I knew exactly what was happening in front of me. How do I handle this without being wimpy or jealous? Do I call her on her behavior based on my new found expertise on social interactions?

Keep up the great work; your program has changed so much about how I view things now.


First of all, when a man reacts with anger, that's your opportunity to really shine. If you're savvy in communication, you'll be able to de-fuse these lit bombs and laugh while they sputter and wheeze into a pile of ash.

The first thing you never do is react to his anger, which it sounds like you managed.

Here's something that is so counter-intuitive that most guys will never use it: the best way to keep a woman is to push her into the arms of another man. The more convincingly you can demonstrate your detachment and lack of jealousy, the more likely you will keep the woman you have.

I regularly push women I'm seeing toward guys that hit on them. It's fun! And it's an exercise for me to stretch my awareness and self-control.

REMEMBER: We do not control ANYONE in this world - except ourselves.

We cannot control anyone's feelings.

But we can INFLUENCE them.

You ask me how to handle this without being wimpy or jealous, and it's pretty obvious that this comes from your inner beliefs. If you had ten women calling you every week, and you are regularly flirting (not necessarily being unfaithful, mind you), you would not have a jealous (insecure and scarcity) mindset.

You're already on the right track. You just need to review pages 313-315 in Secrets of the Alpha Man - the section on jealousy. It's a realization that you must come to from within.

To learn what this guy did about getting women and keeping them, you need to learn the SECRETS.

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