Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Alpha Men get rid of the jerks and bullies, and then they get better with women...

I have a question that I thought you would be able to help me with. I have a friend that I have known for most of my life, but he's turned out to be a reall ass. He seems to take advantage of me whenever its convenient, and thinks its acceptsable to insult me and at times hit me if he thinks something I did was stupid, or disapproves of some opinion/value I voiced.

Part of me is saying that I should just ignore him and move on (the latter is definitely true, whether I ignore him or not) but part of me thinks that I should do something more about this. My question for you is.... how do you think I should deal with this?

P.S. I have been reading your newsletters and listening to the podcasts for a while now. I've decided that I'm finally going to use your stuff. I will also probably be getting your
Alpha Man book. Thanks for all the great info,


There's a saying: You teach people how to treat you.

Whatever is going on with you two, he's obviously taking advantage of more than you think.

Keeping someone like this around is unhealthy as heck, and will only serve to lower your self-image as he whittles away at you.

But let's also keep in mind that he might also be serving as your "teacher." He sees where you're wussing out and is trying to get you to "man up."

Is it just bruised ego, or is it possible that he's not only obnoxious, but

Consider that possibility, and that maybe you need to respond to him not with hurt indignation and weepy pouting, but with a change in your behavior...

Once you've figured out whether or not he's yanking your chain or not, you should then consider how best to deal with him. I recommend a serious heart-to-heart over a couple of brewskis. Don't go into a tearful jag of "telling him your feelings," but you have a right to put him in his place.

"Dude, your behavior towards me has been pretty annoying lately. I like hanging with you, but this bullshit has to stop. Cut out the constant ball-busting and needling - unless I'm really being a genuine puss. Otherwise, secure that crap. You dig?"

If he's a genuine asshole, he'll just get all flustered and indignant, maybe even aggro. If he's got any heart, he'll consider what you say and get it together.

Either way, you need to do this to start your process of "manning up." You need to set a new standard of behavior in your own life that affirms your masculine power. No more bitch treatment.


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If you won't change now, what makes you think it will be easier later on? After you've had a chance to make your bad habits even more hard to break?

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