Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nervousness with women can be extreme - and you can overcome it.

Carlos, I have another problem. I've had this stuttering problem all my life. and sometimes as I approach women I'll just choke and the words dont even come out. This is not even with women only, I'm talking about in general also. Sometimes, the phone will ring and and I'll try to say hello and the other person would just hang up because they think no one is there. (haha).

But my question is, because I get nervous when I approach a woman beceause I either talk really fast or dont say nothing at all.

Is there any way for me to relax? thanks

The truth is that you will have to overcome the mental limitation first. As I know you're aware, a speech impediment is simply a mental block, and it's anxiety related. (You'll find that 90% of your ailments in life are all mental.)

Stuttering and speech impediments are actually just an erroneous belief system that must be retrained and overcome. (And I'm in no way belittling or disrespectful of people who must overcome them.)

The best way to relax is to have a "safe place" in your own beliefs that you can fall back into when you talk with strangers.

I'd first suggest that you don't go out approaching women until you can remove this block from the other areas of your life. You may be trying to go too far too fast. Instead, find a more reasonable short term goal that will allow you to stay relaxed and take control of the problem.

The old saying about learning how to walk before you run is always true.

Start acclimating yourself to your environment in smaller steps. Start out by talking to clerks in the shops in your area. Work on that until you can do it without experiencing a high level of tension and anxiety.

Then work your way up.

A lot of guys ask me for ways to just jump to the goal of not feeling excited or nervous, but most of the time it's simply a case of just exposing yourself to the situation enough times that it becomes second-nature.

Let me assure you - if you do anything enough times, you'll get used to it and you'll find yourself relaxing. The key is to find the starting steps that work best for you and allow you to gradually feel better each time.

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