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Alpha Men can choose their destiny in life - attracting women, or attracting wealth...

I have a small question which probably doesn't deal with women,but deals with being 'ALPHA'. Since you have that great program 'Secrets of the Alpha Man', there would be no one better than you to answer this.

I come from a community where there a lot of rich folks,and most of my friends are people who've inherited immense wealth from their parents.However,I do not have such a background.I come from a middle income family and have to work very hard everyday.

These same friends of mine are driving Ferraris, BMWs etc,and have palatial houses.While I do have much more women in my life than them (this is nothing about women), I sometimes feel a little low that they get so much without having to work while I have to work hard just to break even.

If they had worked to get it, I would have no problem. But they were just handed all of that! I guess you understand what I mean.

What should I do to get over this feeling? I'm really proud of myself (most of the times),and proud of my parents and family,and proud of the fact that I have been the underdog and achieved what I have,though I still I have a long way to go in my eyes.

While I try to implement the alpha qualities all the time,I don't understand how I can get over this feeling without your help.At first it didn't matter to me,but as I start working and earning, it really hits me at times.You can see my problem as overcoming unfairness on things that weren't really in your hands.

What should I do?

Thank you Carlos, for the great programs and the help you've given.


I was brought up with a mixed idea about wealth. My family was poor, and my father made many derogatory comments about the "rich" and how they are all this particular stereotype.

Well, I grew up to realize that it wasn't the money that made a person "bad." In fact, there were probably MANY more "bad" people at other levels of income. Yes, a great many "rich" people get their money through inheritance, but without the primary trait of character, they can't keep it.

There will ALWAYS be someone who gets something easy instead of having to work for it.
But take comfort in the fact that NO ONE I have EVER met or read of has kept it or put it to good use without quality CHARACTER.

THAT is what I teach with the Alpha Man program. It's about how to be the kind of man that the universe works WITH instead of AGAINST. You can have all the women you want in your life when you're living the kind of quality, principle-based life that most men never even imagine.

Many years ago, I was lucky enough to get involved with a mastermind group that got me thinking about wealth from a PRINCIPLE based approach. We earned money by doing the RIGHT things.

They even had a motto of spirituality first, family second, business third. If you stick to those priorities, EVERYONE comes out a winner.

I also live by Zig Ziglar's motto of: "You can have anything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want."

The "feeling" you're trying to get over is simply an emotion that you need to learn how to let go of.

As humans, we cling to emotions for identity and familiarity. Sometimes (and more often than we admit) we cling to negative emotions, just because we know how they feel. It's twisted, but it's how we operate.

Now when you're talking about the "Comparison Game" which is what I call your situation, there is NEVER a winner.

There will ALWAYS be someone wealthier.

There will ALWAYS be someone with more or cooler toys.

You can't win the Comparison Game.

The only thing you can ever do is to do better than you did yesterday.

If you stay on that path, you CAN'T go wrong.

If you'd like to create your plan for making your life what you want, develop confidence, attract women, accumulate wealth, find happiness...

It's all in the Secrets of the Alpha Man program.

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