Friday, October 27, 2006

Do "lines" work with women? Do you need to play games with women?

After learning all kinds of lines and techniques, and using them in the field, I realised that this is not the most important part of seducing women. The most important part is what you do (who you are) before the approach. If you approach women with the right attitude, almost any line will work. And I had this creepy feeling that I did not have the right attitude...

But what is the "right" attitude you want to convey? And how is it different from my current attitude?

The Alpha Man program of Carlos Xuma is probably the only program out there which answers these questions in detail. Reading this great stuff, I had several big "Ah Ha!" moments. The result of reading the book, listening to the audio and doing the exercises is that I have much more self confidence and a very relaxed attitude in any situation. Now women are even approaching me for a change!

(And, as an unexpected side effect, I learned how some of my colleagues and customers are playing "Alpha man games".

Thanks to Carlos, I can now easily handle their hoops and come out on top).

D.H. from Holland

I've noticed a strange thing since I first created this "Alpha Man" model for correct masculine behavior.

(Oh, and there are imitations out there. Don't be fooled! Mine is the original.)

The "strange thing" is this:

The more I got in touch with my "inner Alpha" the more I found myself not caring about whether a woman was attracted to me or not.

And the more I didn't care, the more she was interested.

Not because I was purposefully being aloof and distant, or "hard to get," but because I didn't turn her off with the stinky smell of "Needy Guy." And she can tell this guy's scent a mile away.

  • He smells like someone who needs her to fill a hole in himself.
  • He smells like a guy she won't be able to lean on when she needs to.
  • He smells like a guy who needs validation, and gets jealous of every guy that talks to her.
His insecurities are so pungent that they could knock a buzzard off a sh*t heap, as my friend Don used to say.

Dating advice for men seems like it falls into one of two camps these days:

1) Seduce her quick, and get validation from the sexual conquest

2) Turn into a total chump by being the "sensitive" dork who gives candy, roses, poems, etc.

Camp 1 leverages the real tactics that drive up attraction, but with no real moral foundation.
Camp 2 pretends at respect for women, but falls short because it ignores the fact that these strategies just don't work on attractive, strong, abundance-minded women.

I stand for Camp Alpha.

For men that understand that women need men who are MEN, not metrosexual wussies with a fear of their own male chromosomes.


Get the understanding you need to join the growing population of men that women NEED.

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