Saturday, October 07, 2006

Why won't she sleep with you again?

Hi Carlos

Thank you very much for your advice...

It turns out that i took your advice and i hooked up with my sisters friend at her wedding :)

She is much hotter than the last one i had.


I have noticed in all my experiences that when i sleep with women on the first date, I seldom see them again ( they phone me the next morning to say thanks for an excellent evening ) and then i a few days later i call them again and make another date to go for dinner or something and they either cancel or just dont reply.

Now I can take the hint that they dont want to see me anymore if they dont reply and all, but Why did they sleep with me , phone me in the morning to thank me and send me "big kisses" ( and i quote ) and then I never end up seeing them again?

This has happened three times

I await your advice once again

Thanks Carlos


First of all, let's hear the violins and start weeping for this guy with the "high quality problem." You poor kid. All the sex you want, and now you feel like a party favor.

Now the mistake here is that you think she's calling you the morning after to make
YOU feel good.


Sorry, Charlie.

She's doing that to make
HERSELF feel better. That she's not a "slut."

And she's not, but women need to reassure themselves of their moral fiber after they do this because internally she knows it's fine, but
SOCIALLY it's a no-no. A woman is very much driven to social acceptance and compliance, so she wouldn't want to encourage disapproval.

There are a lot of "gurus" out there that tell you that you can start a relationship from a one-night-stand. Well, you can. But it takes a different approach, and a different way of thinking.

When you go in with strong attraction skills, you need to realize that women will not categorize you into the 'boring boyfriend' label. You know, the guy that buys her things and kisses her butt all the time.

She will put you into the place of being her "fun" guy, which means you get to be her "bad boy." Not that this is contradicting your ability to eventually be her boyfriend, but she is trying to put you in a certain place in her world so that you don't confuse her emotionally.

Hey, we all do it.

So why not screen her a little in advance. Ask her what she's looking for in a guy. If you start her thinking "romantically" at the same time you're building attraction for her, you can win both battles.

If you're looking to go for more than just an ONS (one night stand), might I suggest you hold back on your carnal urge and simply go out to have a fun time, and cut things off when they are about to get "intimate."

This is actually the easiest way to get things moving toward her "boyfriend" zone.

Keep in mind though that there are a lot of women are just like guys ... looking for a fun time and nothing more.

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