Sunday, October 08, 2006

Date Other Women!

I have recently found my self in an awkward situation. Two girls that are really good friends with each other are showing me IOI's. At first I was only showing a small interest in girl A. and girl B. was out of the picture (meaning just not around).

I took girl A out for coffee the date went ok but I didnt sense much of an attraction and it seemed like we both equally drifted into friend zone. Then her close friend girl B. comes into the picture and I'm terribly attracted to her but now girl A. is showing IOIs with me.

While dancing with girl A me and girl B cant take our eyes apart from each others and I have moved in to try and swap dance partners and successfully did dance with girl B for a small portion of a night.

Later that night after a few negs and a few cocky funny remarks I have established that girl B is attracted to me too. I told her I wanted some free coffee from where she works, she gladly invited me to visit her. I got her number that day at her job and she established that she would be at my wednesday night bar hangout to see me.

Some extra info would be girl A is a casual dater she has gone on another date with another guy since our coffee date, she is older and more mature about dating than the average girl. So im thinking this may be a factor to make this situation easier, I have also never kissed or had anything more than small kino and dancing with this girl so I dont see why I shouldnt pursue things with her friend.

So if you're still following this situation how would you play it, my intentions are to establish a strong attraction at the local bar we meet all our friends at on wednesdays and ask girl B on a date. But should I talk to girl A first and clear that we our only friends first, im hesitant cause I think that its already established and it would be an awkward phone call.

I have used your advice well and have attracted many women and have been dating more than 1 girl at a time but im finding that all this success and juggling different emotions and level of attraction with all these different girls to be a burden and rather confusing.

Any advice will be well apreciated



First off, let's everyone get their hankies out and shed a few tears for the guy that's getting all this success with women using
my advice.

This, my brother, is what is called a "high quality problem."

I think you're finding it draining because you're focusing too much on them and managing these women that you find it so confusing. You're not just managing your own feelings, you're trying to manage

Stop trying to do it all.

If you're a proactive
Alpha Man (meaning that you're out to influence and change the world on YOUR terms, instead of the other way around), you've got to care a lot less about the results.
If you want each woman too much, you'll find it draining and taxing on you.

If you're trying to Control or manipulate circumstances, like some symphony conductor, you're going to be guilty of trying and thinking WAY too hard.

Dating Dynamic is something that you have to be able to FLOW with more than steer.

When your car goes into a slide in slippery weather, do you yank the steering wheel against the turn?

No. You'd wipe out.

The same goes for human interactions. The power in an interaction is not in
WHAT you say, but how you handle the reaction you get. It's in the bounceback, as I call it.

If you're being
YOU with no NEED for them to have a certain reaction, you'll find that this whole thing is a LOT easier. When you're doing things just to get a result, your interactions become stilted and artificial, and that's why they're so taxing. It's like acting a role. You need to keep it as close to yourself as possible.

Guys, stop trying to "stack routines" and be fake.

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REAL Game here

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