Scientific Facts About Women

I was just reading (no laughs!) Oprah yesterday, amazed by the anti-male tone of their articles. Almost all of them portray men as some kind of animal or pet that women have to “put up with” instead of relate to.

My friend commented that maybe that’s how women have to think about us to deal with us. I can see where this tone of writing might be attractive to women who have to feel like they have a condescending kind of power over us, but overall it’s offensive to see in just about every form of media today.


I did find a few nuggets of insight in an article called “The Male Brain: See how it runs.”

This discusses the scientific fact that:

A) Men are better at spacial reasoning and more visually stimulated

B) Women have a better verbal proficiency than men

C) Women and men process emotions differently (No kidding…)

D) Women respond to emotional attraction more by recalling memories for validation (meaning that they like to process the meaning of things for interpretation)

Now, I looked at this and chuckled because they quoted over 4 doctors to get this information, and I’m pretty sure any one of us could have come up with the same observations. But it’s nice to have them backed by scientific studies…

One interesting thing: Women were noted to be able to interpret emotional meaning from words WITHOUT having to process them. In other words, the skill of understanding what’s going on with a person was much more integrated into their thinking.

Which accounts for their ability to read a man pretty quickly if he’s confident or not…