The Average Joe


Just got your newsletter on being too good looking. You say if you’re that
handsome not to joke so much about it. Well, what if you’re the average Joe?
Is it cool to talk yourself up in a joking way with girls by telling them
about you amazing good looks even though you know it isn’t true? I mean,
isn’t that what makes it funny?


Look, dating women is one thing. Learning how to ATTRACT WOMEN is another.

If you’re an average looking guy, your best bet is to do just what you said. (I cover this in the Dating Black Book e-book.)


Joke about your “devastating” good looks with a woman. You have to do it in a way that is:

A) Not self-deprecating, meaning that it doesn’t look like you’re putting yourself down. Alpha Males never insult themselves.

B) Make it clear that you don’t take yourself that seriously.

One way you can accomplish both of these as a pickup line would be this:

“Hey, I know you’re looking to replace Katie Holmes as Tom Cruise’s fiancee, but I’m much better looking. And more talented. Did I mention that I kiss better, too? Uh, not that I’ve kissed Tom or anything.”

Jump on the chance to joke about your looks. Average guys actually have a BETTER chance attracting women -especially hot women – because you can sneak under her radar.