The TEASE – Part 1

A lady “companion” of mine (she hates the term “buddy,” so I’ll be discreet here) wrote this treasure to give you guys an understanding of what will attract women. Remember that this is from a woman’s point of view. Note HOW she writes this as well as WHAT she writes.

This first part will show you some of what women want:

It’s no mystery that men are easily turned on to a woman’s physical attributes. Women on the other hand, are often more turned on by the sexual tension that leads to sex. Of course, women are turned on to physically impressive, handsome men. But listen carefully gentlemen; you do not have to be gorgeous to attract women. You do have to be sexy, confident, and mysterious.


Sergio Garcia is a perfect example. I guarantee you it’s not his golf swing that attract women to him! And it’s not his physique; he’s not even handsome! What makes Garcia so alluring is his sexy, stormy, masculine magnetism.

Speaking of sexual tension, I recently went back to attend my high school reunion.
A guy I have known since the 4th grade approached me the moment I walked in the door.
David and I definitely didn’t hang out together in high school. He told me, the night of the reunion that “I was in the cool group,” and he had always been afraid and too shy to approach me.

Not so on this night. David immediately brought me a cocktail and told me that he had fantasized about me for a long time. I was a little taken aback by his boldness, and I confess somewhat intrigued. I had always liked him, because what he lacked in physicality he made up with his great sense of humor. He actually looked rather handsome this night in his dark well-fitted suit. David had obviously been hitting the gym; that young insecure lanky boy he once was, was nowhere to be found.

This was the first reunion I had ever attended, and having traveled the furthest, I received a lot of attention. David never lost sight of me; he would make his ‘rounds,’ and then come and find me. Anytime I was talking with another guy he would come and take my hand, and either take me out on the dance floor or introduce me to someone I undoubtedly had forgotten…

As the night started to wind down a group of us decided to get together and go find something else to do. This is a big city – somehow we ended up at a Diner. As there were approximately 25 of us, the chairs were pushed very close together. David made sure I sat down next to him. Before we even ordered our food, David slipped his hands under the table and began to caress my thighs. He kept his hands in contact with my body the entire time we were there. I marveled a bit, that he was able to eat, drink, and carry on conversations with one hand very occupied.

The sexual tension was intense, and it was even more exciting that no one
at the table was aware of what was ‘going on’ under the table!

Before I knew it, my two girlfriends I was sharing a suite with had called a taxi. We got back to our suite at about 4:00AM. Sleep eluded me, so I slipped into a hot bath and mused over the evenings events. I would have never thought in a million years I would have been attracted to David.

The next day I received 3 calls from guys at the party. David was one of them and the only one who held my interest. My flight left the next day; it was a long trip home.