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When The Feminine Mystique Is Broken - The Spell Is Lifted

Thanks mostly to your program I have progressed in a couple of years from being dateless and a virgin to dating beautiful women. It's been hard but so worth it! Bulding up self-esteem was critical part for me as well as dispelling some of that mystique that beautiful women have around them.

This is something I have not seen covered it your materials but I feel it's crucial.

A few days ago I went through a breakup with a woman of my dreams. She is not just physically beautiful but successful and intelligent. What has really surprised me in her was her honesty and well-intentioned criticism of me which has pushed me to be a better man. This is a person I could grow much faster with. It was a challenge to my character and hard as it was at times I stuck with it.

Due to me wimping out on occasions, our age difference and her desire to have a child we broke up. But I believe if I didn't wimp out we could have had a future.

I can deal with this, heart-breaking as it is. I'm not writing to ask how to get her back. Carlos, I have approached several hundrededs of women (maybe more). When I started on this journey I had a high expecation of women. Most of those were destroyed when I realised most women don't have confidence or high-character. But this is a real alpha-female and I have been fortunate to meet her.

I can't be with a lesser woman. I'm at a point where it seems hopeless to find one on par to this standard. I am doubting I can find one like her again. Please, give me some hope and perspective Carols because it's all crumbling down as is my motivation.

After a great success everything becomes ordinary.

J from Sydney

Congratulations! The Spell has been lifted! You can now see the Matrix for what it really is.

You're in an interesting place right now. It's something like this...

When you're a kid, you don't even realize what it's like to be interested in girls. All you ever do is play with your toys, watch TV, play video games...

Play play play.

Girls are just that strange alien life form that you don't understand.

You smile, you shrug, and then you go back to playing with your Legos or your action figures.

Then comes a time when you're about 9 or 10 years old (some younger, some much older) where you start to really find yourself staring at hot women in ads and on television. And suddenly Sally next door looks pretty interesting to you. You start to wonder what's going on under that dress of hers.

In other words, you experience what I call the "Mind Switch." It's a significant change in your perspective that changes the way you think forever.

Just like finding out Santa Clause was made up.

Once you flip these Mind Switches, you're never the same man again. You've just grown up a little.

It's like this once you realize that you can actually use the Alpha Strategies and techniques that I teach to attract QUALITY women. This is not like making out with a drunk girl in a bar that you'll never talk to again.

This is REAL attraction.

With a REAL woman.

And it's the REAL reason you become a confident Alpha Man - so that you can get the GOOD ones. The QUALITY women.

Your perspective on this situation is pretty simple:

1) You now know that there is a much more attractive and satisfying kind of woman to pursue in life.

By the way, this is the same experience for a woman to find a guy that is truly ALPHA. It's a whole new level of attraction and satisfaction.

This is what it's like for a woman to find a guy that is truly ALPHA, and it's the same thing for a guy when he finds an "Alpha" woman.

2) You now know that you can actually ATTRACT these high quality women when you find them.

You see, if you had just stayed at the level of a mere "pickup artist," you'd be going to bars every night, working on your "game," and pretty much not develop beyond that limited sphere of interacting with 22 year old party girls.

Hey, that's fine, for a little while. It's a great training ground. But it's also very limited. Kind of like being an actor stuck playing the same scene over and over and over and over again.

Maybe you've seen the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray where he keeps waking up and re-living the same day over and over again.

(Bar and club pickup is just like the movie "Groundhog Day" for this reason.)

So when you learn the big picture, you can also see a whole new playing field.


You're going through your next "Mind Switch" where you go from idolizing and worshipping women, to being a little disappointed in them. You realize that the illusion and overpowering magic of femininity is just that - an elaborate game of hide-and-seek.

You were seeking her purity, and she hides her not-so-attractive qualities.

Right now you're realizing that there are women out there that you do NOT want to have a relationship because of the disastrous and catastrophic effect they would have on you.

(Sadly, many men just marry the first woman who will sleep with them, and they end up with 3 kids, a dead marriage, and eventual divorce by the time they're in their late 30s. Don't be this guy. Choose well.)

And then you realize that it's not women that you were chasing all this time. It was all a fantasy and a dream.
The NEXT big Mind Switch you're about to go through is where you have to RE-learn your appreciation for women again, only now it's from a completely different perspective.

You're about to go on the best part of this journey of learning how women work and what women want.

It's where you get past the clever media advertising and the social pretenses. You stop seeing women as objects and you start seeing them for what they are... as flesh-and-blood beings, capable of being a wonderful addition to your Alpha Lifestyle.

They don't "complete" you.

YOU complete you.

You also discover that with this new Mind Switch, attracting women is now SIMPLE - mostly because you no longer project neediness and desperation for women.

Yes, I know there's a short period where you're a little bummed and disillusioned, but that's okay. We all go through that. A mature and capable adult gets past this in no time at all and grows from the experience.

This is also another one of those things I call the "high quality problem."

In other words, it's a good problem to have.

Would you rather be ignorant and getting NO success with women, or ...

Would you rather be getting so much success with women that you can now relax and see them as normal human beings?

Now you can find the magic of REAL life rather than the false magic of mental illusion.

Welcome, Neo, to the REAL world.

If you're reading this right now and you want to know how to break out of the Matrix and become the Alpha Man that women want, you need to read my groundbreaking e-book: The Dating Black Book.

Get your copy and never be confused about women and dating again...

Carlos Xuma

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