Friday, May 23, 2008

Dating Tips For Guys


Hi Carlos,

First off, thanks for the great information you present in your programs! I have several of them and they really have helped me to not focus on getting a woman to fulfill my life, but to have a fulfilling life first and then having the women follow.

I have a question though that I think is not covered in your programs: I'm working towards having a more social life and expanding my social circle, and although my friends invite me to events sometimes, this is not happening on a weekly basis (besides, if I want to be an Alpha man, I should eventually be the one taking the lead and making plans for everybody!).

The problem is I tend to be more of an introverted person, and the activities I'm into (playing percussion, racing with my car on a race track, learning salsa dancing, reading self-improvement material, to mention a few) do not lend themselves to socializing much.

Instead of the usual stuff (going to see a movie, bowling, eating out), what example activities do you recommend that are of general interest and lead to socialization/bonding? I have gone online and searched for event calendars for events where I live, but these event calendars either mention few events and/or they're not particularly interesting (at least to me).

What do you recommend doing in this case? For example, what does your typical weekend look like? I'm thinking that if I can have activities planned out for every weekend, not only will my social circle expand, but then it'll be easier to plan dates with women (since I don't have to make plans for her on the spot, I already have them ready!)

Any guidance you can give me in this regard will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


J. H. from Miami

Hey, Jessie...

You might want to try some of the events that don't "sound" too interesting and do them anyway. We're all guilty of staying in our comfort zones a bit too much, and often we try and project our future interest level and how much fun we'll have before we even try it.

Don't try to predict how much fun you'll have. Instead, get out and DO IT.

Most of what you find interesting today started out as something that you didn't know would be interesting at first. But you tried it, and here you are.

Most of the dating tips for guys that you find seem a bit uncomfortable to use, but if you try them and use them with the right attitude, they work fantastic. But, unfortunately, most people don't USE the advice that works just because they discount it or dismiss it in their heads.

I'd say about 90% of the people I know try to predict how fun something is based solely on things they already like to do, and they talk themselves out of things they've never even tried. Now, if you never try anything new, you pretty much know how it's going to turn out, don't you?

Second, you might try looking in more than one location for things to do. I've found that most people will try, but to really DIG into the events in your area, you're going to have to a little bit of work.

Here are some ideas:

- Look on Craigslist

- Look around for unknown publications or cult newspapers

- Go online and really search the hell out of your location on Google: "singles events Detroit" for example.

- Use your search as an approach opener for women you see on the street: "Hey, I'm trying to find some cool things for me and my friends to do... What do you do on the weekends here?"

- Go to every store in your area and chat up the female (and male) clerks. Ask them: "So do you know any killer cool things to do here that I haven't found yet? I'm on a hunt for adventure..."

I guarantee you if you ask enough people, you will find some really cool stuff out there.

Start with that, and then let me know what happens...

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