Monday, May 19, 2008


There is something that puzzles me. Should I give a woman flowers on the first date or on the second or third time that I see her. If I do, won't she know that I like her and she will the power to reject me.

But buying flowers for a girl is such a common practice or have we guys been doing the wrong thing? I am always so tempted to buy flowers for the girl that I like but fear letting her know too prematurely that I like her.

So should I play it cool?

Well, I'm glad you contacted me. After you read this, you won't be confused anymore.

Let me clear this up for you:

Never buy a woman flowers...

But that's only until you understand the complete reason WHY you don't buy a woman flowers.

THEN you can buy a woman flowers.

When you give a woman flowers, what you're saying is this:

"I'm inadequate as a man to attract you with the primal and sexual methods, so I'm going to resort to bribery to get you interested in me."

Sounds kinda crazy, doesn't it? But that's the reality. You see, most guys are on autopilot when it comes to their dating habits... and as a result, they're crashing and burning.
I get this question about flowers a lot, and I have to admit I'm always amazed that in this day and age we still think that this is the correct way to attract a woman - by giving her gifts of affection to 'prove' ourselves to the woman.

Here's the reality you need to understand:

Watch the guys that attract women on a regular basis. Not the ones that are running pickup lines on drunk chicks in bars. I'm talking about the guys that can walk up and approach a woman on the street without any hesitation.

These guys that are most successful with women do NOT give women flowers.

They give women the gift of Alpha Confidence. They show a woman that they are valuable by not trying to give away their value when they walk up and start a conversation. It's not overt or pushy, or even "cocky," really.

It's simply them being sure that talking this woman is NOT the most important thing for them at that moment.

You see, most guys use flowers as a crutch and a lame way of saying: "I really like you. I need to impress you, because I don't have enough personality or charisma to do it with ME. So here are some flowers. Do you like me now? Here, let me compliment you on how beauuuutiful you are. Do you like me now? Can I get your number? Get a date? Get get get get GET GET GET..."

Ooh, that's a wicked little spiral for you to get caught in, my friend. Don't let it get that far.

I also want you to remember this rule of life: If everyone is doing it, it's probably not a very powerful strategy.

Of course I'm not talking about eating and bathing and brushing your teeth. Those are good ways to be like most people.

I'm talking about the behaviors that you see out there that are NOT getting results.

If what you're doing is not working for you - STOP doing it and re-think it.

And I don't mean with your logical mind, either.

Chances are, logic and rational thinking hasn't gotten you too far with women, has it?

Well, perhaps it's time for a new strategy that is proven and WORKS.

Yes, play it cool. Chill out. Relax.

All that nervous and anxious energy you have about women gets communicated when you find one you like and probably will scare her right off.

Remember that the Alpha Man has about a dozen other cool things he could be doing at any given moment. And that even means a dozen things other than talking to a woman...

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