Friday, May 02, 2008

Another guy that just doesn't get it...

I got this interesting email from a reader recently:
Carlos you are a social nerd. your words are the social downfall of men. knowing this stuff takes experience not book smarts.

Okay, now if you lived in this guy's world, you'd be the one asking HOW to get experience and some skills under your belt, and he'd tell you, "Oh, just go out and get experience..."

You ever get experience driving a car without someone who taught you HOW it worked first?

Yeah, it would be like something out of Grand Theft Auto. Body counts higher than the Vietnam War.

Social nerd?


I'm a nerd tearing this shit apart so you guys can get the a-ha moments BEFORE you wind up social chaos. The fact of the matter is that when someone tells you to just go DO IT without being able to teach you some basic skills, he's just copping out on his own ability to help his fellow man.

Sink or swim, he laughs as he walks away from the pool you're madly paddling to stay afloat in.

How motivated is a guy to go out and get experience when he has trouble staying above water?

Yeah, uh, not very.

Look, the bottom line is that I HELP men. And I always tell you to take the learning you get from me and put it to use right away.

And if you don't believe I help guys in the best way possible...
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