Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What are women thinking?

Question from a "confused" reader:

Carlos, I just got your
Dating Black Book and I wish I would have gotten it a week earlier.

I very confused by this fun and pretty girl. We met at a party, I laid low for a few days, then asked her to come with me to a fashion show (she's a print model so i knew she would come). The date went well and we had dinner after the show, she asked all the questions that showed she was interested in me (my family, background, goals, etc). We made out, got way too drunk, then I took her back to her place and I kissed her good night, and told her I wanted to come in, but I never do that on the first date, she looked confused but relieved at the same time. Clearly that doesn't happen to her often.

We had some flity texts the following week and I thought she was into me. I waited a few days and coincidentally I got tickets to one of her favorite bands that she told me about on our date. I left her a funny voicemail telling her should wouldn't beleive what I received that day. No call. In fact I didn't hear from her at all. So I waited 3 days, and texted her a funny text, she came right back within minutes...

She replied that she was having drinks with a friend. So I wanted to stop this game and told her to enjoy her night, and maybe we could get together later in the week.

So Carlos, I'm confused. Date 1 went great, I followed up with fun texts letting her know I enjoyed the night. I faded back for a few days to give her space, then when I try to see if she wants to go out again, she acts aloof, and then says that she has plans and tries to counter with some lame brunch during the day.

But what really got me is that she re-initiated contact with her text to me when she was having drinks with a friend during the night I proposed to take her out.

Clearly I was on her mind, and I don't thinks she's a mean girl, but was she trying to make me jealous or is she crying for attention from me?

Yep, she really got you, all right.

What I'm about to say is going to come as a revelation to some of you, and others will hear this and say, "Huh?"

If you're one of the latter, keep re-reading this until you get it...

Are you ready for the revelation?

Here it is:

Women are only thinking about you when you're in their presence, or you have generated enough attraction for her to want to be in your presence again.

Let me say that another way, because it may not be clear enough...

Women don't think about guys unless they are interested in them enough to want to be with them again - and follow through.

Let me ask you this:

If you were into a woman, and she called you up and said, "Hey, let's go out to Sam's Cafe and get a beer tonight," would you refuse her?

Hell no! You'd go.

Because you were interested, and there was an
opportunity to act on it and get what you wanted.

Now, for some reason we guys seem to think that women really play this hard-to-get thing seriously and for some reason a woman in the same situation wouldn't say yes. She would say no just to be coy.

Uh, no. If she's into you, she'll find a way to get with you.

Women do not sit around and plot out elaborate ways to deny themselves pleasure.


Your job is to drive her interest level in you up so high that she
CANNOT refuse a date with you under any situation.

That's it, my man. That's your duty. Anything else is playing it safe.

What you're guilty of here is mentally creating her attraction based on the fact that she showed you a
SMALL, slight indication of interest. Her calling you does not constitute interest on her part, as much as I'd like to tell you that.

Sorry, but that's just a momentary fluctuation in her mood.

She was probably just trying to make herself feel better for having backed out on your plans. (Women do this
A LOT as a way to maintain the image of the "good girl.")

Is she interested in you?

It doesn't matter until she follows through on it.

Let me put it this way: You have no room for a woman in your life that is interested in you
BUT goes out of her way to deny herself (and YOU) the reality of actually getting together.

You get me?

Just imagine what kind of games are in your future with a woman who would keep this B.S. up.

This kind of game playing is infantile and immature, and you don't have the time for it. Your life is busy - hell,
CROWDED - with women to get with.

Isn't it?

If it isn't, you should get busy learning the
Alpha Lifestyle and my Advanced Secrets of the Alpha Man program.

Remember my Rule of Attraction: A woman isn't into you until she takes
ACTION on her desire.

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