Monday, December 04, 2006

Alpha Man Success story - and a question...

Carlos, I come bringing good news! It may have taken me awhile ... for your stuff to really sink in but I have to tell you I am seeing good results now. I'm at the point now where girls are asking ME out and I'm all the one doing the choosing on if we get a 2nd date or not. I was on the other side of the fence for awhile and it wasn't fun always seeking a womens approval by kissing up to her. I'm glad those days are over.

I had a date yesterday with a girl who wanted to take me horse riding and noticed that I was in complete control of the situation by being confident, not caring what happened and not going in with a planned agenda, and laying on the C&F for spice. She was starting to seek MY approval and if I let the date carry on anymore chances are I could of had sex with her (She was dropping some pretty BIG hints).

Your teachings/advice gave me a new perspective of things as well. Im no longer one of those guys who desperately seek to get into any decent looking girls pants. I'm now the supply rather then the demand. So i'm not going to have sex with just anyone. The girl I went horse riding with was damaged goods and had a few issues I didn't want to put up with. She was good looking but any alpha man sets his sights a little bit higher then just a pretty face.

My success story comes with a question: Now that i'm in control of my dating situation and I set my bar a little heigher then most guys a small handfull of beta's have actually called me a wuss for not wanting to get into the pants of every good looking girl I meet.

How would you react to this if it happened to you?


YES! This is what it means to persevere and get the results.

It's not just about attracting and dating women, as you're finding out. It's about creating a successful LIFESTYLE that starts you thinking bigger and achieving more.

I love a good success story like this. I get so many of them, and it never gets old to read.

Now, as for your question, I'd have to fire one back at you:

What does it matter to you if your 'friends' (sound a bit like jealous chumps to me) approve of your new life of abundance?

Why would you listen to Beta boy opinions - or even dignify their ignorant comments with a response?

Be careful about your peer group. Their expectations and pressure will be a big limiting factor in your life.

I'll tell you what I would do if my friends were giving me a hard time - I'd treat them just like any woman that tried to hold me to lower standards:

"Well, maybe YOU would jump in her pants, but I have standards. When you sleep with ANY woman, you're telling yourself that you're not choosy. You'll take anything that comes along just to satisfy your noodle. Not me. I've got enough opportunity that I don't need to take everything that comes my way. Have you ever asked yourself why you don't set standards for yourself? Why do you think this is?"

You're not the one to defend yourself, HE is.

Being selective sends a good message to your nervous system. It reinforces healthy self-esteem.

Most guys don't have standards. They'd jump on anything that moves. And as a result, they get the women that suit that kind of mindset.

Remember that getting laid is actually pretty easy. The real trick is channeling that reckless sexual energy into Alpha Power that will get you ahead in life. (And get you the genuinely attractive women, not just the 'pretty faces.')

Stay true to your path. And stay away from the people who would make you feel bad about what you know to be right.

That's the most powerful statement of the Alpha Man.

- Carlos Xuma
Strength & Honor

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