Friday, December 01, 2006

Another Alpha Man Gets it...


I would like to personaly thank you for creating this book and being an expert on "Alpha Men". I am currently reading you ebook, "Secrets of the Alpha Man", and I am loving all of it. I have read some other ebooks in the past that actually have a lot useful information in them, such as David Deangelo's books and the latest book by Simon Heong (which is how I found yours).

But those books only taught great techniques and things to do when picking up a women. However, yours gives a complete guide to the alpha male attitude. I now have a basis that I can start form, and can combine the information I've gotten from the books. I can already tell a difference in how women perceive me just by the way I act, walk, and talk now.

Just the other day, after I started walkin and talking confident, I was sitting in class and just asked a pretty attractive girl who had never spoke to me before what chapter of the book we were on. She told me and then I kept noticing glancing over at me periodically throughout the remainder of the class. Then two days later, her and one of her friends came over to my dorm room ininvited. They just said they were bored lol!!!

But man I can't thank you enough for what I'm learning, and I'm not even halfway through the book yet.

T in VA

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