Sunday, December 03, 2006

First of all, stop the begging...

Dear Sir,

I am a 28-year old Nigerian chap in dire need of your profound insights on the dating scene to enable me break out of the rut of my dateless existence.

I work in one of my country's biggest banks located in a university town and my job affords me the opportunity to meet on a daily basis hot female students from the university close-by. However, I almost always never get to make anything out these encounters as I am always afraid of blowing it once I open my mouth. So I just act cool and laid-back and go home to rue missed chances.

However there is this one girl that I feel I have a connection with that I need your help on how to proceed with. She's a student of chemical engineering in the university, and I first noticed her like over a year ago in the banking hall. Initially, as usual, I played it cool and pretended I wasn't interested.

Later on, I summoned courage to show some casual interest. First, I surprised her on one of her visits to the bank by wishing her a happy birthday. She was shocked I knew of her date of birth and asked how I came about it. I first said I got it via magic, but later said it from her biodata in her file in our records. That single incident significantly advanced our 'association.' However, I have not really been able to capitalize on it as I haven't yet been able to ask her out.

Sir, I am fed up of living in this rut and the misery it causes me. What has really broken the camels' back is the fact that another guy in my office who is noted for his 'women skills' seems to be aiming for her too. In your professional opinion how do you recommend I handle this situation?

Sir, I am prepared to pay any price for your opinion. Please help sir. Please.

Yours sincerely,

J. O.

First off, please don't call me sir. My dad didn't even make me call him "sir." I'm just your friendly neighborhood dating advice guy, changing the world one
Alpha Man at a time. Thankyouverymuchhhh.

Secondly, Stop begging! Your email sounds like a wussy cry of help from the wussy headquarters where all the Super-Wusses hang out.

Third, there's some good news in your email. You've reached rock bottom.

Most people think this place sucks, and they're both right
AND wrong.

You see, most significant change in your life will come from when you've reached the point of total disgust - when you bottom out. Because now you have something to push off from - the bottom. It doesn't get any worse, so it can only get better.

This is the point of ultimate enlightenment and decision. If you make the right choice (to change your behaviors, to work for what you really want) you'll get it.

But if you make the wrong decision, to cave in and admit defeat, you'll drown in a pool of your own self-pity.

I recommend you get off your ass and start taking
ACTION in your life. Right NOW.

You took the initiative and learned some information about her (which might have been creepy, but you made it work) and then you took it to the next level of going to see her.

As Tony the Tiger would say, Grrrrrreat!

Now what?

It's time to get up the stones to contact her on a more personal level and get together with her outside of work. You need to
ESCALATE. That's one of the key Alpha Man skills that many men never really get.

But you also need to get out and
MEET MORE WOMEN. Don't put all your hopes on this one woman, because if it doesn't work out, you're going to lose a lot more emotional money on this one stock. Instead, spread your investments out a bit. This is called "hedging" and it works for dating as well as money.

Lastly, my professional opinion is that you
ABSOLUTELY need my Secrets of the Alpha Man program. If you want to "pay any price," why not the price of education and self-improvement?

It's going to be a lot better than crying into your pillow or whining about being unable to get a date, or wanting to do something but not knowing
WHAT to do.

There's an old saying: Everybody wants to get into heaven, but nobody wants to die.

When you read the e-book and listen to the program, you'll
KNOW what to do next.

Get the Secrets of the Alpha Man.

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