Friday, November 24, 2006

Is Carlos really a "guru"?

Here's a short paragraph I saw in a newsletter recently. It's interesting, and it's something I've been guilty of.

Have a read:

"Have you ever seen the word 'Guru' not used in quotes? I have not. People put a label on people. And many times the word 'Guru' is positioned as a bad thing. 'Guru' means (among many things) teacher or expert. And generally it is stated in a derogatory meaner, placed in quotes, implying mean 'So Called', usually by someone that begrudges someone else for having what they, too, also want. Blaming others for their lack of success, making it appear that they are being exploited. All the while they would love to have the same success. Perhaps dropping the hypocritical ego could help remove the 'Them against Us' conflict resulting in greater success."

This is an excellent observation.

I don't consider the title "Guru" a bad thing. I like it.

I embrace it.

I see this same kind of judgmental attitude from guys who create that "US vs. THEM" situation to soothe their sore egos when they aren't getting success with women.

It's easy to blame others and point fingers. It's hard to do the right thing and work to improve yourself.

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