Saturday, November 25, 2006

This is what an Alpha Man understands - your girlfriend is illogical, but predictable

Over the last year, my current girlfriend has "triggered" many of the negative emotions I use to feel going back ten-fifteen years.

This is interesting, because these emotions I would feel would trigger the beta male within me. You know who I am referring to, that part of ourselves we just hate to admit wants love and approval from women.

Well, yesterday, my girlfriend was just being her natural sweet self but her behavior triggerred that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach where I "felt" I had to stop what I was doing just to cater to her needs, I even sensed from her that she was getting slightly pissed off.

In a flash, I realised the emotion and saw it as a demon from my past, I decided to slow down and take my time to finish what I was doing. In fact, I deliberately took even longer. I noticed she went into a "stroppy" mood which I found interesting. I decided not to enter her world but to leave her alone. No talking, just carried on what I was doing, putting my needs first.

Within twenty minutes she came over to me started the "I love you" routine. Knock yourself out on that one.

I thought about it afterwards and I have come to the realization that women are the most illogical species on the planet and my communication with them will be based on that illogicality as will my behavior.

For me this was and is a significant breakthrough in terms of healing the negative associations from my past. Your material has helped me to see a totally different frame of behavior, totally awesome.

I hope this helps some of the guys out there who can relate to this in some way.

Slow down guys, keep your composure and put the smile on your face first.

Mike V


He has a moment... an epiphany ... and now he is forever changed.

My thoughts are that I've gone through this EXACT same situation before, and when you realize that handling her "illogical" behavior with an understanding of how this "illogic" works, you come to a new place in your game.

This is where having an Alpha Lifestyle will boost your self-esteem through the roof once you realize that CHASING WOMEN is actually hurting your posture.

It's crazy, but when you get to this point, where you just intuitively understand that a woman's disapproval will NOT affect you in any way, that is when you start to have women turn their own attitudes around and become more loving and approachable.

She will be able to open up more with you because she can trust you more to be the Alpha Man.

I cover this completely in the Secrets of the Alpha Man program.

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