Friday, November 24, 2006

What do I do when dating advice contradicts another?

I've bought Simon's IAP and Instant Dating Success (my first seduction materials), but there's one problem I have for a long time. Every 'guru' has it's own opinion, and it all makes sense, but different tips contradict with each other. I already have my preferences, but it stops me from listening to other authors.

Should I use all of the advice? How do I choose wisely?


Great question!

Sometimes you'll see certain tips that seem in contradiction to other things we may have said. In fact, you might even see times when it seems like we're contradicting OURSELVES.

Rest easy, my friend. It doesn't mean that we're all full of crap.

It just means that this area is not all "Black&White" as some people would like you to believe.

I personally suggest certain strategies and tactics as a way of getting understanding of the principles, the way you learn scales in playing guitar. But after you learn those scales and patterns, you can then learn how to break the rules to make MUSIC.

You see, life is filled with apparent contradictions, and the skill of attracting women is no different.

The key is to use your own CRITICAL THINKING to determine the best solution in any given situation.

Use your head, and try everything. But don't just throw something out because it didn't work. Figure out WHY and you'll know what to do next time.

I show guys REAL Game. Which means that I show them how to build attraction with their own REAL personalities, not trying to be a fake pickup artist with a bunch of scripts.

Learning how to do that is the ultimate evolution for the Alpha Man that wants to learn how to attract women anywhere, anytime.

You can start by downloading my foundation program - The Dating Black Book - HERE.

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