Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Put it into action...

"I bought quite simply because I want a few good women in my life. I read it, immediately feeling a sense of can-do power. However, for one reason or another I over- or under-cooked it out in the field.

"But I knew Carlos' advice was good; I just had to dig deeper within.
Aplha Man is the perfect answer. It's full of stuff to help shape a new, more confident you.
Some of it is stuff you somehow always knew, but never quite had a succinct explanation for. Other stuff you didn't know, yet now you'll know why other men have success with women and you don't. Most importantly, there's form and shape to all the advice Carlos gives.

"It works. All you have to do is listen, take your time, and put into action all the good advice he gives."

- D in London


Thanks, brutha... You understand that nothing in life is for free, but if there's anything worth working a little on to get success it's learning
how to attract women.

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