Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Energy Dropped, along with the ball....


In my approaches I am having much success getting IOI's and good rapport going, but my problem lately lies with not being able to keep her interested after I leave to go talk to friends.

I will start off really good, then leave to go talk to friends. Then it seems someone else always comes over and picks up from my heat. Then when I go back over to her, the energy seems to drop.

What can I do?

Well, this is a situation that I think a lot of guys run into.

(For those of you unfamiliar with some of the terminology, "IOI" means an indication of interest from a woman to you...)

Have you ever seen those guys that spin the plates on the sticks at the circus? They have a bunch of plates balanced and spinning. They start one going, and then the next, and more and more. And if they don't go back and give the first ones a little boost, they will eventually slow down and fall off the stick and break.

That's what it's like to get a woman interested, and then leave her. She's going to lose interest in you because you're not around anymore to keep the plate moving.

(Why do men wonder why women flake the next day when they can forget about a guy in just five minutes during in the same night?)

The answer to your problem lies in what you said.

If you leave, and the energy goes away...

Don't leave!

Keep escalating while you're
with her.

Yes, the energy can transfer to the next guy, that's why you have to stick around to reap the rewards of your investment.

Or, go get your friends and bring them back over with you to the group. Re-establish your presence with a bunch of guys that the girls can talk to, thus freeing your target up for more fun with you.

Too many guys are trying to make 30 or 40 connections in the course of the night, and they're not getting depth with ANY of them. Pity, because if they only worked a little harder at fewer, they'd learn more - and get further, too.

Alpha Men learn the basics of attraction with women , and then they need to learn the lasting techniques to go deeper and further.

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