Sunday, February 03, 2008

How to Read a Woman's Body Language...

In my office, there is a girl I am attracted to. She is 30 and I am 52. We are friends in a work environment. We look to each other in the eyes and their eyes say she knows I'd like to make love with her. Her body language send mixed signals. But there one I do not understand: when we talk, she very often crosses her arms in front of her breast.

Is it to say "forbiden" or is she shy ?

Please Carlos, help me to undersatnd.

What does she do when you ask her to meet you for drinks?

What does she do when you take her out and have fun and kiss her with power and confidence?

THAT is the question you need to discover the answer to. Body language is usually a cop-out for a guy to "play it safe" by interpreting a woman's actions so that he can minimize his risk.

F*ck risk - dare to go after what you want. No more playing it safe.

Remember, you don't need to understand how a car works to drive it, so you really don't need to understand a woman.

You need to just get in there and go after it, like a MAN.

Am I reaching you guys on this one?

I hope so.

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