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How to Seduce a Hot Woman -


FMAC. Find, Meet, Attract, Close.

So, say you found and met the girl. You've kept her interested and it's gotten to the point where she's the one approaching you to talk to you. She's hot, but that means that there's a lot of other "macho guys" (Varsity Basketball, Baseball, etc guys) who are hitting on her at the same time.

How do you turn that casual interest into seduction and go further?

At the same time, how do you deftly handle the guys who hit on her (who may take her at any moment) without making enemies, but at the same time wrap up the girl?

I find this FMAC model is a big over-simplification of the process.

There are a lot of smaller steps in between that must be paid attention to, and when you get over the need to hit a home-run every single time (a very frequent mistake when you're new to this game), you can get back to basics.

The questions you ask are far too general and big to answer in a simple email or blog post, but let me give you an idea of how this works:

1) Dial up the tension.

Whatever you're doing, chances are you haven't gone far enough to create real sexual tension. Most guys are too afraid of "ruining it," and as a result they never quite get women as riled up as they need to.

If you aren't blowing out women, then you're probably playing it too safe.

2) Move forward with MANY girls.

I never get tired of saying this.

Date Other Women!

If you're focusing on ONE girl because she's SO special, you're distorting reality. Amazingly enough, with almost 3 billion or more women on this planet, I can assure you that there are many women better than the one you've miraculously uncovered.

The more you create an abundance mentality for yourself, the more you'll find yourself living in abundance. This is something most people NEVER discover.

3) Ignore the other guys.

Yes, you heard me. Ignore them.

Paying attention to the competition is always a losing battle.

I guarantee you that the top performers in EVERY sport do not get to be good just by focusing on the competition or what the 'other guy' is doing.

They focus on themselves and improving their own brand.

Focus on the only part of the equation you can control - YOU. Don't get caught up in the losing battle of trying to destroy every other guy's game. If you've got game, you don't use it for harm.

Besides, women only care about the LEADER. If you're a leader, you automatically step away from the pack and become your own man, someone she can respect and desire. If she needs to pit you against the other rabid dogs in the pit, you've probably chosen poorly.

And always remember, women WANT to be seduced.

They DO NOT want to be USED.

And rightfully so...

If you want to learn how to seduce women the right way, I suggest you start with my Dating Black Book, and then take the next step in my educational series for men by going to The Secrets of the Alpha Man.

That's how you succeed - by getting educated...

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