Sunday, February 03, 2008

Response to the "Telling a Woman How You Feel..."

Great email Carlos.

It reminds me of something I did last night, but with a twist.

I was at my local and there's this barmaid who has it all. Pretty, fun, nice figure, laughs at just about anything. But she has a boyfriend and I respect that.

That doesn't mean I don't flirt, cause it keeps 'em off balance.

So last night I had a couple of slices and I always put the pizza fixin's on them.

She was very busy tending bar so I just put the fixin's on the side by the booze. All night long she doesn't realize they're there.

So at the end of the night when it got quiet, I grab her by the hands and said:

"J__, I've loved you from the first time I saw you (she starts laughing and I'm trying to hold my laughter in), I mean since I've set my eyes on yours I can't stop thinking of you (a little more laughter). I love your eyes, your smile, your laugh, your skin (at this point she's buying it, and I can tell....she's allowing herself to swoon...priceless). And since I can't put you out of my mind I just had to get you a gift. I didn't wrap it, because I was overwhelmed by the spontanaeity...I couldn't wait to give it to you."

Then I direct her to the fixin's she's ignored all night.

"From the heart, baby, I give from the heart."

She let's out a big laugh and says "Tribal, I'm so glad you came tonight!"

When I got home, I texted her that I was only half kidding.

Next move is to ignore it like I never texted her at all.

Funny thing is I was so composed and not the nervous little bitch I would've been before I read your stuff.

Kudos, bro.


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