Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Are you meeting me at the Sahara?

I had to write this fast and furious, so please forgive me if the grammar and punctuation isn't up to my usual literary excellence.

(Yeah, right...)

Anyway, you might not know it, but guess who's coming to town on 2/22/2008?

Actually, the whole weekend...

Uh, Who is Carlos Xuma for $500, Alex?

You're right!

(Sorry. Just got back from a weekend of snowboarding and I'm a little loopy. Fresh mountain air... 8 inches of loose powder... yeah, buddy...)

In case you haven't heard, The Mystery Method is coming to town - that town is Las Vegas, by the way...

And Carlos will be speaking there, plus a few other small surprises...

So if you're in the area, and you want to hang with the X-man (I really need some sleep...), PLEASE take a look at what's going down at this one-of-a-kind superconference.

There will be speakers on just about every imaginable topic of dating and attraction, and of course, yours truly will be there to share some BRAND spankin' new material...

Join us for a weekend of intense instruction as top instructors from Love Systems, Badboy Lifestyles, Pickup101, the Mystery Method, Brad P. Presents, and more share their tips and techniques to a limited number of lucky students.

Highlights include:

Specialized instruction from leaders in their fields! Get fashion advice from Brad P., Direct Game from Badboy, and routines from The Don!

An action-packed schedule and custom programs! Along with presentations in the main room on specific topics there will be a variety of discussions, panels, drills, and more in the “breakout” room. Get the information you need to bring your game to a whole new level...

New and never-before-seen material. The masters will be sharing the best and most successful techniques they’ve learned and developed over the years...

Click Here to get more information on how to become a part of this incredibly cool seminar:

I'll be back again this week with more Q&A, too!

Now that I'm all rested up...

Your friend,

Carlos Xuma

PS: There is no PS. I was just told to put one in case you scanned to the bottom. I didn't want you to be disappointed.

PPS: Go check out the seminar, dude... Click and review:

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