Sunday, January 06, 2008

How Do You Handle Racism in Dating?

Hey, Carlos. I love the stuff you put out weekly. I've really gotten into more of the dating strategies you provide all us "normies". This second language in your articles is just the answer a former love of mine always withheld. It's nice to know for I can evolve and learn the hows and whys of my mistakes.

I live in an area that is a bit race-oriented, where certain nationalities will only date certain other nationalities, and is a stereotype that nearly all women (that I notice) follow. (It's Asian girls w/ Asian guys) It seems that not many of these girls (let alone girls outside this race) like white guys such as myself, due to history, parental instruction, and overall distaste. The problem is, I am attracted to these girls on a physical level! I'm not sure I can break the stereotype or overcome their harsh thinking of white guys. Where do I begin?


This is a tough one. The race card is a difficult one to crack because it speaks to the essence of a lot of people's identities. As you can see in the news, nationalism gives us a sense of identity that is easy to fall back on because of shared birthright, appearance, etc.

Not only that, but you also have to fight the influence of this girl's peer group, which I'll confess will be a royal bitch. Not to mention the racism that's apparent.

Your first step would be to target this girl's friends and start to break down their belief system regarding white guys. It's an uphill battle. But it can be done. Drill down into their beliefs and show them that their thinking is not as accurate as they think.

Good luck on that...

My recommendation is to seek out a different hood where you can reach people with open minds and open hearts.

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